Mangold Builds Premium Lab for Leading Malaysian University

Mangold International Behavior Research Lab Malaysia
Pascal Mangold shows new equipment

Malaysia, one of the most innovative and largest universities in Malaysia - Universiti Teknologi Mara - works with a Premium Research Laboratory of Mangold International

After a long planning phase and after building extra rooms at the headquarters of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Mangold International could set up an extensive Premium Research Laboratory. Mangold has been supported here by his longtime local Malaysian partner Netshoppe Sdn Bhd.

The laboratory is the UiTM new ground in research projects because the university uses this not only for their own research projects, but also provides services to government and industry based on the lab's extensive research possibilities. So, for example on behalf of a ministry, the emotional impacts of campaigns on health topics are being scientifically investigated.

The Mangold products offering those extensive possibilities are among others head-mounted and stationary eye tracking systems combined with physiology recording devices for studies on emotion and professional qualitative and quantitative video analysis using the Mangold INTERACT software suite.

Studies on design, HCI and usability of new products are also made with the new Mangold Premium Laboratory.

Mangold International Behavior Research Lab Malaysia
Staff from Universiti Teknologi Mara with Pascal Mangold from Mangold International

Mangold International has provided this turnkey laboratory project with his longtime local partner and has given intensive trained throughout one week in the use and the possibilities of the laboratory to the participating users, professors, graduate students, students and administrators.

For the inauguration of the Laboratory Mr. Pascal Mangold, Founder and CEO of Mangold International, was personally on site.