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Observation and interviews are not enough

By observing people and asking them questions you can find out how they perceive information and what they remember.

What you don't know is whether the information the viewer could not remember was actually seen or not.

Nor do you know whether the information has been seen at all. Your test subject may have been distracted by other elements (e.g. by an attractive face, a funny picture, too much information...).

You will only be able to find out what your test subjects have actually seen with the help of Eye Tracking.

Eye Tracking makes it far easier to find out why a test subject didn't see certain things or why they can't remember them.


Stationary / Portable

Results Within the Wink of an Eye

Computer based advertisement and commercial studies as well as usability studies do require professional EyeTracking equipment and analysis software.

Our MangoldVision Stationary EyeTracker lab enables you to use a regular monitor to capture your participants view.



See Through Different Eyes

The head-mounted EyeTracker is a truly lightweight and compact EyeTracking system. Capture any kind of in- or outdoor activities like shopping, mountain biking or playing tennis and actually see the world through the eye of your participants.