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Thousands of satisfied users worldwide in Science and Industry trust in Solutions from Mangold International for their research studies. Experience, innovation, sustainability and a highly awarded service makes Mangold International the first choice and One-Stop-Shop for your individual research lab. Trust in our competence to become the next successfull explorer.


Observation Lab

Mangold observation labs help you discover significant results which you would never find without such professional video technology and analysis software.


Individualy designed for your research project.


Animal Behavior Lab

Animal behavior such as social interaction or learning is often too complex for a simple live observation.


A Mangold observation lab gives you technology at hand that makes complex observational studies much easier and more effective.


Usability Lab

Look no further! The Mangold Usability Lab is your number one solution to conduct and observe usability studies.


Take advantage of our solutions to be able to see directly into the customer’s point of view.


Your One-Stop-Shop

At Mangold we understand and realize that each individual research project is unique in its own way.


Therefore, it is substantial that we plan all labs in very close communication with our clients.