Software for Behavior Research Studies and Usability

Video Observation

INTERACT is the Standard for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Audio, Video and Live Observations.


Your software microscope in behavioral research studies, to discover amazing new insights!


Analyze EyeTracking

MangoldVision is a comprehensive software suite that make your EyeTracking study smooth and easy.


Study creation, data management, gaze data recording and analysis - all in one package!


Obansys App
Live Coding on iOS

Obansys is a Live Observation and Coding Software App for Apple iOS Devices.


Professional Results at Your Fingertips!


Video Recording

VideoSyncPro records several video feeds with a single push of a button.


Link other data recorders and capture your entire experiment's data in sync for smooth post analysis.


Usability Lab to Go

LogSquare is an easy to use but powerful usability testing software out of the box.


Record, review and analyze the entire user experience in one single software tool!


Easy Motion Tracking

Measure movement and distances of objects within video footage that is too complex for automated analysis.


Let VideoMotionTracker visualize the activity hot-spots and calculated distances for you!