Mangold Software

Analyze EyeTracking Data

The MangoldVision software package is a comprehensive suite of software modules that make your EyeTracking study smooth and easy.

Study creation, data management, gaze data recording and analysis - all in one package!


Automated Audio Analysis

Soundalyzer helps with the analysis of video and audio files by automatically detecting acoustic activities. For instance whenever an animal is making a specific sound or whenever a person is speaking in a video or audio file.


Usability Lab in a Box

LogSquare is an easy to use but powerful data logging software, enabling you to easily perform computer based usability tests. Record and review screen contents and webcam in sync, as well as all user activities made with keyboard and mouse on a Windows computer.


Motion Tracking Made Easy

Measure movement and distances of objects within video footage that is too complex for automated analysis. Use your mouse, following the objects or movements that interest you. Let VideoMotionTracker visualize the activity hot-spots and calculated distances for you.