E-learning and use of video as a suitable medium (Využívání videa jako vhodného média)

Authors: Eger Ludvík, Egerová Dana, Fakulta ekonomická Universitní 8, Plzen

Video was in the textbooks of e-learning considered as marginal medium for e-learning still in the beginning of the new millennium. In the same time video conferences and virtual classrooms (later webinars) were considered as innovations.
With the development of ICT and start of phenomenons like YouTube or Vimeo the situation has been changing and video is demanded part of e-learning. Video has become an effective medium in e-learning and it is also from strategic point of view suitable to efficiently implement it in to the courses in combination with other elements. Video can for example initiate discussion, call the students to analytical thinking, be viewed repeatedly (also in smaller parts), have emotional charge and contain further information resources such as web pages, pictures, and schemes. After all there is no need to discuss general ability of stimulation with visual materials.

The paper presents pilot research of video in e-learning with help of eye tracker and it brings important questions to the experts' discussion.