Observed Social Competence in At-Risk Children: Associations with Informant Reports and Maternal Childhood Characteristics

Authors: Baptiste, A. D., Stack, D. M., Paré-Ruel, M.-P., Dickson, D. J., Serbin, L. A., (2021)

Approximately 566,000 Canadian children live in poverty (Statistics Canada, 2020).
- Poverty is associated with higher levels of internalizing and externalizing problems in children (Hosokawa & Katsura, 2017).
- Children may be better equipped to cope with it if they are socially competent (Hosokawa & 
Katsura, 2017).

Social competence is the ability to successfully interact with individuals 
through the use of a set of desirable social skills (Rose-Krasnor, 1997).
- The context in which these social behaviours take place influences the desirability of the
 behaviour (Warnes, Sheridan, Geske, & Warnes, 2005).

Poster presentation at the SRCD Virtual Biennial Meeting 2021.