Behavioral Observation on the go with obansys

Behavior happens anywhere and everywhere; at work, sports, schools, shops. If you want to log and evaluate any type of activities then the Live Observation App “obansys” from Mangold International is the best choice.

With only one fingertip you can record the duration and the number of activities, and then evaluate them with the unique visualization capabilities of obansys.

Give it a try: Have you ever wanted to know which activities are filling up your day, what is taking up your valuable time and how much time are you actually using for meaningful activities? Or, you simply want to have accurate time records for a particular project?

Now you can – on the go! With our App obansys ! Make your smartphone a coding device and capture your daily activities live without any restrictions.

Define your individual codes for certain activities, such as reading emails, writing emails, preparing meetings etc.

You can also assign activities to specific projects or clients, e.g. Project P-345, customer Smith, XY research study. Now with just one single click you can start or stop an activity.

You can evaluate your activities and visualize the data in diagrams. This gives you a quick overview of the collected data.

Not only can your daily routine be observed and examined with obansys. You can also try with sports activities, animals, children, traffic, and consumer behavior or just simply anything that is of interest to you.

Obansys is available in the App Store with a FREE version >>> and a PRO version >>> with significantly enhanced functionalities.