Software and Lab Solutions for Medical Simulation

Software and Lab Solutions for Medical Simulation

Professional Simulation Requirements
for Nursing Schools and Medical Universities

The main purpose of medical simulation is to train medical professionals to reduce errors during surgery, prescription, and general practice. The goal is to increase patient safety and quality of healthcare.

Practical exercise is good and indispensable, but to enhance the learning experience, all activities must be recorded and systematically analyzed. Only then a structured review is possible and creating a formative assessment video is just a mouse click away.

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Mangold International is your single source supplier for all video lab equipment and analysis software for your simulation center. Our solutions can help you to improve
education standards and meet quality requirements. Extended research possibilities for time to intervention studies, human factors and latent risk analysis as well as comparison of live patient encounters vs. simulations using manikins.

Benefit from our experience and get the most out of your trainings in healthcare.

We provide all you need to setup a professional Simulation and Training System

As an expert in behavior observation with more than 25 years of experience, Mangold International delivers everything you need for professional observation and analysis of medical simulations and team research:

Audio, video and computer hardware for in-sync recording

Audio, video and computer hardware for professional in-sync recording in simulations and real world situations

Software solutions for team research and workflow analysis

Professional software solutions for team research and workflow analysis

Lab setup, professional observation and analysis

Broad expert knowledge in lab setup, professional observation and analysis

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Your Mangold Simulation Lab is designed to

Video recording devices


Mangold recording technology comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer various camera systems and all sorts of audio equipment for capturing the team's communication professionally.

We also offer solutions to integrate all kinds of sensor data, for synchronized visualization during post analysis and debriefing.
We offer our lab systems as stationary and mobile solutions, which gives you almost unlimited possibilities in a simulation center or in-situ.

software tools for research purposes


We offer software tools and methods for collecting qualitative and quantitative data for instructional and research purposes.

  • Rate competency areas like patient safety, clinical judgement and expected skills
  • Time stamp and annotate important situations in a structured way for quick retrieval and review
  • Configure individual rating schemas and time based checklists. Use them to grade teams and individuals on their task performance
Professional analysis of video streams


The Mangold INTERACT software allows the extraction of complex information from live bservations. This information can be combined with in-depth offline analysis of video recordings in INTERACT.

  • Investigate reaction times between decisions and execution of the required interventions
  • Root cause analysis to identify potential risk factors
  • Get various statistics on team activities and behaviors
  • Understand the full context of critical thinking and its relationship to resulting decisions
  • Use the results to improve team performance and patient safety
Debriefing for improvement and mutual understanding


Sharing knowledge is the key to improvement and mutual understanding. Our tools support you in gaining and teaching the knowledge your team needs to improve performance and quality of outcomes.

  • Mangold INTERACT allows for quick and meaningful video assisted debriefing
  • Visualize the collected data in graphs and charts to provide additional insight on performance of teams and individuals
  • Reveal behavioral patterns which are invisible to the observer
Create content for training purposes


Create content for training purposes with the help of INTERACT.

Mangold system solutions for medical simulation

Medical educators, researchers and simulation professionals use Mangold system solutions to capture, observe and analyze the behaviors impacting patient care and safety.

Mangold solutions can integrate A/V, vitals monitor information, physiological data, eye-tracking, and motion tracking data into a single comprehensive analysis platform.

We help you to create the observation and analysis solution you need