Record Video with Multiple Cameras
and Multiple Microphones

Your Portable Observation Lab in a Briefcase

Mobile video recording with multiple cameras and microphones

Record multiple videos and audio signals with your portable lab easily

All the necessary audio and video components are housed in a roller briefcase and can be easily transported to the test-location.

Mangold International's portable observation lab is the first choice for performing video-based observations.

Whether at school, on campus or in the shopping center - your mobile observation laboratory is ready for use in just a few minutes.

Portable observation lab

Incredible - A complete Observation Laboratory built in 2 minutes

This video shows how fast the Mangold Portable Observation Lab is ready for use.

Within 2 minutes, all components are connected and ready for your observation study.


  • Quickly ready for use
  • Full HD video an professional audio
  • Fast dismantle
  • Instantly usable video files for further analysis with INTERACT
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    See what's in your Portable Observation Lab from Mangold

    The Portable Observation Lab consists of:

    • Special transport case, optimized at minimum weight and maximum stability
    • Synchronized recording of multiple cameras, even after hours of recording
    • Well proven video recording software VideoSyncPro included
    • Lip-synch audio recording of all microphone signals
    • Individual volume control for all microphones
    • Central power supply for all devices
    • All necessary cables included
    • Future-proof modular system for easy maintenance and easy upgrading


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    Set up your portable observation lab in minutes