Eye Tracking Tutorials with MangoldVision

Mobile and stationary Eye Tracking Tests with MangoldVision

Run your Eye Tracking tests on every PC or Laptop by using the MangoldVision Software Package.

Easy Project Design with MangoldVision

Design your project effortless with Drag & Drop in MangoldVision.

Record Eye Movements easily with MangoldVision

MangoldVision runs your project automatically and guides your test subjects through the eye tracking study.

Professional Analysis and Visualtization of your Eye Tracking Test

MangoldVision analyzes and visualizes your eye tracking data in a reliable and professional way at your fingertips.

Eye Tracking and Videos

With MangoldVision you can not only show the eye movements on static pictures. MangoldVision delivers also detailed gaze plots, focus maps or heat maps of what your participants looked on, while watching a video.

Follow the Areas of Interest by using Eye Tracking

MangoldVision also shows the very interesting areas in a video in a fluent version. So you can see in detail, if the areas of interest could be recognized by your participant.

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Synchronous Eye Tracking with multiple Eye Trackers

This video demonstrates the use of two VT3 mini eye tracking devices in the Mangold LogSquare usability testing software. This setup can be used for any kind of eye tracking study. The number of eye tracking devices that can be used synchronously in the Mangold LogSquare or MangoldVision software is practically unlimited. This offers amazing opportunities for studies in drive simulators, flight simulators or similar, and in any kind of usability or user experience tests where the participants should work on multiple monitors.

Eye Tracking and Neuroscience

Eye Tracking and EEG analysis systems are common today with a wide variety of devices and services. Until now, combining the two and syncing the data could only be accomplished at great expense!

The latest MangoldVision System has solved some of the basic problems with combing Eye Tracking and EEG:

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Eye Tracking and Musik

“The Hanging Garden Project” – an Inspiring Eye Tracking Study
We thought this study from Canterbury Christ Church University, done by Dr. Kate Gee & Dr. Vanessa Hawes, is so inspiring that we wanted to share it with you.

The Study was done with the MangoldVision Eye Tracking System.