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Eye Tracking Tutorials with MangoldVision

Video Tutorials

Design your Eye Tracking Project

Design your project effortless with Drag & Drop in MangoldVision.

Record Eye Movements easily with MangoldVision

MangoldVision runs your project automatically and guides your test subjects through the eye tracking study.

Analysis and Visualization of your Eye Tracking Test

MangoldVision analyzes and visualizes your eye tracking data in a reliable and professional way at your fingertips.

Eye Tracking and Videos

With MangoldVision you can show the eye movements on static pictures and detailed gaze plots, focus maps or heat maps of what your participants looked on, while watching a video.

Define dynamic areas of interest

MangoldVision allows the definition of static and dynamic areas of interest.

Eye Tracking and Neuroscience

With MangoldVision and DataView, you can easily combine neurophysiological studies and eye tracking.

Synchronous Eye Tracking with multiple Eye Trackers

Here is shown how to run professional usability tests, across multiple screens by using MangoldVision and LogSquare.

Eye Tracking and Music

What we see when we hear
An Eye Tracking Study, by Dr. Kate Gee & Dr. Vanessa Hawes from the Canterbury Christchurch University, UK, which was conducted with MangoldVision.