Business Oscar Finalist Certificate for Mangold International

Mangold International again received the sought-after Business Oscar Finalist certificate.
From over 4.800 business taking part in the contest, Mangold International was chosen again as one of the finalists for this renowned award.

The so called Business Oscar is the most trusted German business award. Mangold International passed a complex rating test, performed by professional consultants, to reach this stage.

F.l.t.r.: Roswitha Pöbl – Economic Development, Pascal Mangold, Alfons Sittinger – Mayor, Christian Haberl - Finalist

Consequently Mangold International is located at the top of the league, among the top 17% of all part-taking companies.

Mangold International receives this award the 4th year in row, which is proving the professionality and trustworthiness of the entire Mangold company.