For Girls only!

It was an exciting day for three girls that visited Mangold International in Arnstorf. The company participated for the first time in the nationwide Girls’ Day and invited students for a small taster day. The theme was “Discover the Invisible!”

Human behavior such as eye movements, facial expressions and gestures are so quick and complex that they cannot be detected with just the naked eye. By using Mangold Hardware and Software Solutions you can record and analyze any type of behavior. The Mangold International employees and the girls experimented with high-tech devices and learned about the main correlations between hardware, software and network technology. “The absolute highlight for the girls was the eye tracker, our device for recording eye movements,” says Petra Mangold, who is responsible for the technical support at Mangold International. “We examined with the girls how to look at advertising spots, images, websites and even how we explore our direct surroundings. There were plenty of wow-effects.”

Martina Schacherbauer, software developer at Mangold International, gave tips for a successful career in the IT sector. That is the essence of the Girls’ Day: It gives girls a deeper insight into the technical work, thus opening up new perspectives for their career choice. Engineering and IT degrees offer many opportunities beyond the traditional roles. “Women usually possess the exact skills which are in demand in the IT sector: logical thinking, problem solving and focused work. ” Pascal Mangold, CEO of Mangold International, speaks from experience.