Mangold International receives Best Business Award 2023 for sustainable corporate governance

Mangold International GmbH was awarded the coveted first prize in the Best Business Award for its outstanding sustainable corporate management.

Pascal Mangold receives BBA Award

Pascal Mangold receiving the Best-Business-Award

Mangold receives coveted Three-Country Best Business Award for sustainable corporate management

Mangold International GmbH has been awarded the coveted Best Business Award for its outstanding sustainable corporate management.

This award marks another important milestone for the company, which specializes in the development of software products and system solutions for observational studies.

Mangold is one of the world's leading providers in this field.

Over 80% of the world's leading universities and global corporations rely on solutions from Mangold International to carry out qualitative and quantitative data analysis using video recordings.

BBA Award 2023 GOLD
Winners BBA Award 2023

"Mangold International GmbH has distinguished itself through its first-class business model, its passion for sustainability, social responsibility and, above all, its high employee value. The company recognizes the invaluable worth of its employees and fosters a work environment that is productive, respectful and supportive. 

Such a commitment to employee welfare demonstrates a deep understanding that the true value of a company lies in the people who make it up," emphasized laudator Gerhard Steinhuber, CEO and owner of 4process AG in Passau.

"In addition to these impressive qualities, Mangold International GmbH has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for innovation. In an ever-changing world, it has managed to stay one step ahead by continuously developing innovative solutions and products that both meet market needs and help to make our world more sustainable." (Excerpt from the laudatory speech during the official award ceremony.)

Laudatio BBA Award
Speech Pascal Mangold BBA Award 2023

CEO and founder Pascal Mangold emphasizes:

"This award serves as a signpost that underlines our dedication to sustainable entrepreneurship. It proves the effectiveness and success of our approach to date and is also an incentive for the future."

The "Best Business Award for Sustainable Corporate Management" has been presented in the Danube-Moldova European region since 1999, making it one of the oldest awards for sustainable corporate management in Europe.

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