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No matter how you call it - "video coding", "video evaluation", "tagging", "setting markers", "event logging", "content analysis", "content coding" "qualitative analysis", "quantitative analysis", "video rating" ... Mangold INTERACT does it all.

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  • Method-Independent
    Use your own individual observation methods and coding systems with INTERACT
  • Unlimited
    Work with an almost unlimited number of videos simultaneously* in INTERACT and collect an unlimited amount of data.
  • Result-Oriented
    INTERACT can unveil hidden information in your observational data. Things that would take very long to find out without such a powerful software tool. 

* The program is only limited by the used computer's overall power and the typical limitations of its operating system.

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Key Features of Mangold INTERACT

Immediate statistical results at the push of a button

Results at the touch of a button

INTERACT delivers statistical results at the touch of a button and makes them understandable. Exporting raw data as well as statistical results is also possible with a few mouse clicks.

Create stunning reports by using the charting functionalities in INTERACT

Meaningful Visualizations

Use the extensive charting capabilities of INTERACT to create meaningful visualizations for your reports and presentations.

Enormeous analysis possibilities with INTERACT

Gain more insights

View your data from a different perspective with the diverse data analysis capabilities of INTERACT.
Discover the hidden information in your data, which cannot be obtained through observation.

Text Analysis and Word Statistics with INTERACT

Analyze statistics on word frequencies from your transcriptions with INTERACT with a single mouse click.

Text Analytics Included

INTERACT provides statistics on word frequencies from your transcriptions with a single mouse click.

Easily identify and compare the vocabulary of your participants. This is ideal for studies in educational sciences, political science and developmental psychology.

Of course, you can easily transfer the results to your favorite analysis tool.
Additionally, it is easy to import SALT transcription files. Combine the best of both worlds: Import a SALT file and add your detailed observations with INTERACT. If required, export this data again as SALT file.

INTERACT Audio import

With INTERACT you can display the audio track of your video to further simplify data collection.

Magical Video-Control

Mangold INTERACT is playing videos forward and reverse(!) at almost any speed. In this way, you can also discover the tiniest details in the analysis of gestures, facial expressions or actions.

Make use of Audio Tracks

Mangold INTERACT can display the audio track of your video to further simplify data collection. If necessary, simply turn the audio track on or off.

INTERACT Video Import


Easy to Use

During over 30 years of continued development of INTERACT, we always focused on intuitive usability and maximum flexibility.

The almost magic video technology in INTERACT allows for using any common video format in your studies. It can handle videos from digital camcorders, IP-cameras, streaming videos, action-cams, web-cams, smartphone videos etc. - just give it a try if you already have INTERACT, or ask us in case we should test one of your videos for you.

Also, using videos from different camera types simultaneously is easily possible - such as a video from an action-cam, another one from an Android mobile phone and another one from an iPhone.

INTERACT offers unlimited coding and transcription possibilities for beginners and professionals.

Unlimited coding and transcription possibilities

With INTERACT, complex coding/category systems can be used without restrictionsAn unrestricted collection of transcripts is also possible at any time.

From the requirements of various projects in over 30 years, essential functions have been developed in INTERACT, which are easy to use and allow hundreds of variations of coding methods. From simple coding at the push of a button to structured post-coding and the coding process where several event streams are recorded in parallel.

INTERACT offers every user the right possibilities, from beginners to professionals.

ISBN 978-3-030-75046-6

What Users Say

From: Technology to Support Children's Collaborative Interactions

"Thanks also to the other tech experts we’ve consulted, including ... the excellent team at Mangold INTERACT® video analysis software"

"The video coding software we used throughout the ShareIT project, Mangold Interact®, provided us with timelines enabling us to visualise how the play states of each child in the group changed over time and in relation to other events and behaviours..."

Nicola Yuill (2021). Technology to Support Children's Collaborative Interactions. 1st ed. Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-030-75046-6