MindWare Technologies and Mangold International

MindWare and Mangold International provide an integrated solution for researchers who want to combine physiological data with simultaneous video recordings.

MindWare Technologies has been at the forefront of technological development for measuring emotional responses. 

Their recorders, sensors and software solutions are used in psychology, psycho-physiology, and broader life science research. It allows observing the full spectrum of autonomic nervous system responses, concentrating on Parasympathetic as well as Sympathetic measures. 

They offer mobile and stationary solutions for measuring:

  • Heart Rate Variability (RSA, RMSSD)
  • Cardiac Impedance (PEP, LVET, Cardiac Output)
  • Skin Conductance (SCL, EDA)
  • Blood Pressure Variability (BPV)
  • Muscle activity (EMG)
  • Photoplethysmography (PPG, Pulse Transit Time)
  • Respiration
  • Motion/Activity

A special Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio - MindWare edition is available to record multiple cameras in sync with the BioLab data acquisition software.

How to integrate Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio in Biolab is described in detail in the Knowledge Base from MindWare in the article KB0093.