Human and Computer

Life without Computer is almost unthinkable today.

We work and learn with it, we plan our leisure time, we move with it, we save memories and we communicate. Computers are everywhere and are part of our everyday life. In many areas keyboard and mouse have become outdated – meanwhile we “slide” and “touch”.

These days there is a greater variety of interaction forms and there are many more methods of human-computer interaction than ever before.

The annual expert conference “Mensch & Computer 2013” – held in September in Bremen, Germany, takes the technological change as an opportunity to present and discuss new developments and methods under the slogan “interactive diversity”.

Celebrating the 10th conference in a row, the characteristic of this event is its interdisciplinary approach. From automotive through to consumer electronics up to webshops, from economists through designers and engineers up to psychologists – the transfer of knowledge between different fields of expertise will be exciting!

And Mangold is right in the middle of it! We present our tools for scientific research of human-computer interaction and our usability labs. Capturing the entire “User Experience” is far from easy during a usability study – unless you are using the right tools. Mangold International offers a variety of integrated and professional solutions to be able to see directly into the participant’s point of view. Capturing computer screens, facial expressions, gestures, gaze behavior or comments are some of the many observation data that can easily be recorded and analyzed with a Mangold Lab.

We look forward to exciting lectures and interesting contacts at the “Mensch & Computer 2013” in Bremen.