World Usability Day 2013

November, 14 is World Usability Day. The slogan of this year’s worldwide action day for more user-friendliness is “Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems”.

Progress in medical technology is enormous – especially in intensive care complex devices are used for diagnostic analysis, treatment and monitoring of patients. Due to the massive technological growth the medical staff has to handle more and more medical technology.

Naturally, user-friendliness is desirable in the everyday use of smartphones, ticket machines, websites or remote controls. In healthcare, however, ambiguous interfaces resulting in operational errors can have dramatic consequences. Then it literally becomes a matter of life and death. Especially during emergency situations, the medical staff cannot waste time in consulting manuals, but has to be able to operate the devices fast and intuitively. Therefore, manufacturers of medical devices nowadays are legally bound to run extensive usability studies.

A major challenge in these studies is the complete recording of the complex user experience. For this reason, Mangold International has developed specialized solutions for usability labs. Screen recording, facial expressions, gestures or verbal expressions of the test person can be easily analyzed in a Mangold Lab. Combined with Eye Tracking and Physiology Data you get a comprehensive user experience that allows clear statements about usability. That is why Mangold Usability Labs are used at universities and research institutions worldwide for more than 20 years.

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