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Award-Winning competence, reliability and our high-end customer service make us the first choice for planning, installation and long term support of your individual observational research laboratory.

Educational Research Labs

Educational Research Labs

Whether you work in teaching or learning research, a specialized observation solution from Mangold International helps you understand the key aspects in that field.

Professional scientific observation of pupils and teachers during a real-world school day is far from easy.

Medical Simulation Labs<br/>

Medical Simulation Labs

Capture, observe and analyze team behavior and team performance in medical simulation and training.

With specialized hardware and based on Mangold's proven software technology, creating a stationary or portable observation lab in medical simulation is just a matter of your individual needs.

Usability &amp; UX Labs

Usability & UX Labs

A Mangold User Experience and Usability Lab is tailored to your special needs, depending on your research subject and type of participants.

No matter if you have a multi-room layout in mind, a single gaming research area, or an on-site multi-screen eye tracking usability lab - Mangold has a specialized solution for you.

Portable Observation Solutions<br/>

Portable Observation Solutions

Mangold International's provides out-of-the-box portable observation labs, as well as individually designed portable observation solutions.

Ethology Labs<br/>

Ethology Labs

Mangold makes professional observation of Wildlife, Zoo and Farm Animals easy, with specialized software and equipment.

Multi Purpose Observation Lab

No matter if it is for Parent-Infant research, Research on adolescence, Team research, Design thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, or ... you name it ... we certainly can design a professional observation lab solution meeting your individual needs.

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Mangold is your one-stop-shop for:

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  • Computer Technology
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Growing with your Needs

Your research project is evolving - Your Mangold lab grows. The modular design of each lab allows an adaptation to your research subject, even in years.

On-Site Installation and Training

It is our daily business traveling around the world, setting up observation labs and training users on-site.

Long-Term Service & Support

Whether you have technical questions or need assistance with your research, Mangold International offers continuous professional support, based on 25 years of experience.

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No matter what is the core of your research, an observation laboratory from Mangold International gives you perfectly matched hardware and professional software for everyday research.

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