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Animal Behavior Research Solutions in the field of nature conservation, animal husbandry and species protection

Animal behavior research with Mangold Ethology Labs

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To protect and improve the lives of animals is one of the aims of Mangold International.

Therefore, we support researchers around the world in their behavioral research studies with professional solutions in that area, e.g. in the field of nature conservation, animal welfare or species protection.

Mangold provieds specialized research tools for animal behavior studies, including dust-proof video cameras and computer systems and a variety of research software software for live and post analysis.

A Mangold observation system gives you technology at hand that makes complex observational studies much easier.

We offer planning, installation, training and the support required to achieve your research goals.

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User Stories

Great Apes and Emerging Diseases

Mangold solutions are used at Washington University, where ethologists study the behavioral diversity of primates and promote wildlife conservation.

These scientists are not only conducting laboratory studies, but using Mangold’s video coding applications in some of the most remote forests in the world, e.g. the “Goualougo Triangle Ape Project” (www.congo-apes.org) research in Republic of Congo.

Mangold software is being used to study diverse topics ranging from ape tool technology to Ebola transmission dynamics. The mission of this project is to promote the long term conservation of great apes, with a specific emphasis on chimpanzees and gorillas in Congo. These long-term studies of our closest living relatives provide important insights into human evolution.

Learn more about the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project in Republic of Congo >>>

Laying hens prefer smaller nests

Impairment of animal welfare

When a hen is going to lay an egg, she searches a suitable place where she can retreat from social contact. But based on what criteria is the hen choosing her nesting site? This question is in the focus of researchers of the Division of Animal Welfare, University of Bern, Switzerland. They use Mangold solutions to examine how nests must be designed, to be well accepted by the hens.

The study concludes with recommendations regarding the design of laying hen housing systems. If the nests don’t provide an adequate environment for nesting and egg-laying behavior, an impairment of animal welfare is to be expected.

Learn more about this project, pubished from the University of Bern, Switzerland >>>

Personality differences and social relationships in primates

Social relationships in primates

The “Primate PersonalityNet“ (www.primate-personality.net) research network at Freie Universität Berlin examines personality differences and social relationships in primate species.

Individual-specific behavioral patterns can be found in a wide range of species including monkeys and apes. From an evolutionary perspective, they are thought to reduce the pressure of competition between members of a species for resources such as food or partners.

Therefore, they have an impact on successful environmental adaptations. The studies provide important insights into animal welfare, captive breeding and the protection of populations.

Learn more about this project, published from Dr. Jana Uher, FU Berlin, Department of Psychology, Germany >>>

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Professional Results at your Fingertips

Live Observation

Use Mangold obansys and Mangold INTERACT with all the coding and analysis features in live observation.

Audio / Video

Certain situations such as outdoor field studies and studies in animal housings require dust and waterproof cameras


Record several video and audio footages in sync with physiological values with a single push of a button.

Video Analysis

The content analysis of the recorded video is easily and fully available with the software Mangold INTERACT. INTERACT is the very powerful software tool for qualitative and quantitative video analysis.


The data from the video recording can be evaluated quickly and extensively with the INTERACT software. Duration and frequency of behaviors, latencies, contingencies, percentages and averages are only a few of the many possible outcomes.


Impress your audience with automatically created stunning reports and highlight videos showing the major findings of your research.

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