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Behavioral Research in Training and Education

Behavioral research in training and education is a wide-ranging subject with various research fields. Including learning and cognitive skills, educational effectiveness, learning disabilities and evaluation of new teaching methods. Structured behavioral observation is an important research tool to understand such complex processes.

Educational research labs

Teaching places high demands on the teacher

  • Abstract knowledge must be connected with practice
  • Many interactions occur suddenly and unpredictabl
  • Nevertheless, the lessons have to be structure
  • Situations need to be assessed quickly and accurately
  • Reactions must be prompt and appropriate

To properly face these challenges, a large number of research projects must be addressed.

Mangold International supports such research projects with professional behavior observation, recording and analysis solutions.

Advantages of Video Analysis in Teachers‘ Training

Video analysis is a valuable tool in teachers‘ training

Computer based video analysis and its results fill the gap between theory and practice and can impart the necessary knowledge for reality in teaching. This makes video analysis of real teaching sequences is an excellent tool for student teachers.

Capturing video during observations is essential for post-analysis:

  • Videos present an authentic idea of real teaching situations and show its complexity and dynamics.
  • The reproducibility of videos enables the researcher to analyze it successively from different aspects or by different persons.
  • By comparing the analysis of the student teacher with an expert analysis the observational and diagnostic skills can be trained.
  • Alternative strategies and reactions can be developed due to the reflection of captured, viewed and analyzed video content.

Video analysis in teacher's training

The most complex challenge is the analysis and interpretation of the recorded video footage. Accomplishing this without a professional tool, such as Mangold INTERACT, is a very time consuming and error prone task.

Performing professional video analysis with Mangold INTERACT enables accelerated answers to complex research questions in reasonable time, which would be impossible to answer through live observation.

The goal is to produce a maximum of professional insights and research results with minimum effort. This can only be achieved with tools that empower a smooth workflow, starting from the audio- and video recording, to professional behavior analysis, all the way to the statistical reporting of the collected data.

Developing such professional tools is what Mangold International has specialized in for more than 25 years.

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Complex Research needs Professional Equipment

Mangold International developed the perfect solution for synchronized video recording in field studies

Portable observation lab
The Observation Lab right from the Trolley

The portable observation lab from Mangold International is the first choice for conducting video based observations in the field.

All necessary audio and video components are housed in a trolley and can be easily transported to the job site.

Whether at school, at campus, or at a shopping mall - Mangold's portable observation lab is set up in minutes.

Portable Lab

Reference Projects

Institute of Educational Psychology - Uni Münster

University Münster
Institute of Educational Psychology

Prof. Dr. Manfred Holodynski
Münster, Germany

The Institute of Educational Psychology uses video analysis in teacher education very intense.

For example, students analyze recorded lesson samples regarding the various facets of classroom management as a significant dimension of a successful teaching. The analysis is performed with the Mangold INTERACT software.

Furthermore, the University of Münster has developed a comprehensive online platform that offers lesson videos for future teachers: “Video based lesson analysis: Early Science (ViU). The aim of this project is to train future teachers in their teaching performance and their pedagogical skills.

Department of Teacher Education and School Research - Norway

University of Oslo
Department of Teacher Education and School Research

Torgeir Christiansen
Oslo, Norwegen

The „Department of Teacher Education and School Research“ is Norway’s leading academic milieu in the fields of teacher education, subject didactics, educational leadership and school relevant educational research. The research focuses mainly on interdisciplinary educational research and on pedagogical and methodological research.

The development of an innovative research method, based on video analysis in an observational lab of Mangold International, cements the excellent reputation of this institute. The research results provide important approaches to teacher training, also in an international context such as the participation in international studies (e.g. PISA).

Georgia State University
College of Education and School Research

Prof. Amy Lederberg
Georgia, USA

The primary goal of the Center on Literacy and Deafness (CLAD) is to address the question” “What is the best way to teach deaf and hard of hearing children to read?” Currently, the center is using computerbased video analysis and the software Mangold INTERACT to describe deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s language arts instruction in 29 schools across the United States. By quantifying classroom instruction, the center will be able to relate the characteristics of the children’s classroom instruction to the amount they learn in a school year. 

The goal is to identify what instructional strategies appear to work with what children. 

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