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What a Mangold Observational Research Lab Offers

Video / Audio / Data Acquisition

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio

The Mangold VideoSyncPro Software is made for recording video and audio streams in sync.

Sounds easy - but is a real challenge if you want to have lip-sync audio and synchronized video over a long time.

In addition, VideoSyncPro can send all kinds of sync markers, allowing to synchronize 3rd party devices, such as physiology recorders or EEG systems, etc.

Audio / Video Hardware

Mangold Audio Rack

We offer a broad range of audio and video equipment. The video device range goes from fixed HD video cameras with variofocal zoom lenses to fully remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

Audio can come from almost anything, from stationary boundary microphones to high end wireless tie clip microphones.

Video Rating Software

Mangold INTERACT Software screenshots

The Mangold INTERACT Software is the ultimate solution for qualitative and quantiative video content analysis.

Use INTERACT to analyze your videos footage in scientific research, if you want to gain deep insight into the recorded test sessions.

What you can do with a Mangold Lab

Video recording devices

Capture the Reality

Mangold offers a variety of camera systems and all types of audio equipment to capture and record the observed scenarios in detail.

The resulting multimedia files (audio and video footage) can be used for all kinds of post analysis and for creating teaching, training and feedback material.

software tools for research purposes

Collect Data

Mangold offers software tools and methods for the structured collecton of qualitative and quantitative data.

Depending on your needs and your observational workflow, Mangold software like INTERACT, LogSquare or VideoSyncPro Studio can be used for data collection in your study.

Observe and Rate

Mangold software tools allow for collecting rating data through live observation or post video analysis.

Again, depending on your workflow and needs, different Mangold software solutions can be used for live observation and post video rating.


Mangold offers various options for synchronizing other devices and data sources in your lab so that they can be analyzed in sync to your video and audio footage.

Create Teaching Videos

Mangold software allows the creation of teaching, training and feedback videos easily, even based on complex video ratings. This way, the real highlights of the observed scenarios can be extracted and merged into new valuable videos.

Debriefing for improvement and mutual understanding


Sharing knowledge is the key to improvement and mutual understanding. Our tools support you in gaining and teaching the knowledge your team needs to improve performance and quality of outcomes.

In-depth Analysis

The qualitative and quantitative content analysis of the recorded video footage is easily and fully possible with the Mangold INTERACT software.

It allows an in-depth analysis to understand behavior which cannot be discovered using simple observation techniques.

Statistical Results

Mangold software tools offer various statistical analysis based on your rating data at the touch of a button.

Duration and frequency of behaviors, latencies, contingencies, percentages and averages are only a few of the many possible outcomes.


Use the many visualization possibilities in Mangold Software tools to create amazing reports and be able to hold easily understandable and valuable presentations for your audience.

Your Lab can be Stationary or Portable

Stationary Observation Lab

Mangold Stationary Observation lab

A Mangold behavior research laboratory can be as complex as you like - as long as you have the staff to operate everything.

An outstanding advantage of a Mangold solution is the fact, that we can integrate almost any other Data Acquisition System in your lab, if it can be remotely controlled or if its resulting data can be understood easily.

Mangold VideoSyncPro, the Mangold Vision Eye Tracking suite, as well as the LogSquare usability software can handle trigger signals, allowing to integrate behavioral data recording with EEG or physiology recording.

Portable Observation Lab

Mangold portable observation lab

How much does it cost and how to buy a Mangold Lab

Mangold is Your Single Source Provider

No matter if it is for Team research, Parent-Infant interaction studies, Research on adolescence, Design thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Feedback and Training, Usability Research, Medical Simulation or ... you name it ... we certainly can design a professional observation lab solution meeting your individual needs.

Just describe your project and we propose the ideal package for you.

Discuss your project needs with us
Professional work environment for research

Your One-Stop-Shop

Mangold is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Audio / Video
  • Software
  • Computer Technology
  • Data Acquisition System

Growing with your Needs

Your research project is evolving - Your Mangold lab grows. The modular design of each lab allows an adaptation to your research subject, even in years.

On-Site Installation and Training

It is our daily business traveling around the world, setting up observation labs and training users on-site.

Long-Term Service & Support

Whether you have technical questions or need assistance with your research, Mangold International offers continuous professional support, based on 25+ years of experience.

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Typical Research Areas

Educational Research Labs

Educational Research Labs

Whether you work in teaching or learning research, a specialized observation solution from Mangold International helps you understand the key aspects in that field.

Professional scientific observation of pupils and teachers during a real-world school day is far from easy. 

Medical Simulation Labs 

Medical Simulation Labs

Capture, observe and analyze team behavior and team performance in medical simulation and training.

With specialized hardware and based on Mangold's proven software technology, creating a stationary or portable observation lab in medical simulation is just a matter of your individual needs.

Usability & UX Labs

Usability & UX Labs

A Mangold User Experience and Usability Lab is tailored to your special needs, depending on your research subject and type of participants.

No matter if you have a multi-room layout in mind, a single gaming research area, or an on-site multi-screen eye tracking usability lab - Mangold has a specialized solution for you.

Ethology Labs

Ethology Labs

Mangold makes professional observation of Wildlife, Zoo and Farm Animals easy, with specialized software and equipment.