Your Portable Observation Lab

Mobile video recording with multiple cameras and microphones

Record multiple videos and audio signals with your portable lab easily

All the necessary audio and video components are housed in a roller briefcase and can be easily transported to the test-location.

Mangold International's portable observation lab is the first choice for performing video-based observations.

Whether at school, on campus or in the shopping center - your mobile observation laboratory is ready for use in just a few minutes.

Portable observation lab

Incredible - A complete Observation Laboratory built in 2 minutes

See how fast the Mangold Portable Observation Lab is ready to use.

Within 2 minutes, all components are connected and ready for your observation study.


  • Quickly ready for use
  • Full HD video and professional audio
  • Fast dismantle
  • Instantly usable video files for further analysis with INTERACT
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    This video shows one of many possible variants of mobile AV recording systems.

    In this case, the system was supposed to be transportable as hand luggage in the airplane.

    Mangold's Portable Observation Lab

    Everything in one place

    The portable Mangold Video Observation Lab contains all necessary components for a variety of audio/video field studies.

    • Audio mixer for all microphones
    • Cable to camera
    • Camera power supply
    • Wireless microphone receiver
    • Camera tripods
    • Central power supply
    • Accessories bag
    • High Definition Video Cameras
    Mangold portable video observation lab

    What does the Portable Lab cost?

    The Lab is available in different versions, and we want to make sure you get the optimal solution for your needs, because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

    Just tell us your project requirements and we will be happy to send you the matching system's price information.


    We are happy to show you without obligation how this system can be used in your project.
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