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Qualitative and Quantitative Video Coding Software


INTERACT is the platform for Synchronized Viewing and Analysis of Video Footage and Audio Files in Observational Research.

It allows for Content Coding and Event Logging and creates valuable Qualitative and Quantitative results.

It is based on 28 years of proven technology and based on the knowledge of thousands of researchers worldwide.



INTERACT synchronized viewing and analysis of video footage

INTERACT - the software solution for qualitative and quantitative analysis of video-, audio-, and live observation.

INTERACT's Benefits

INTERACT enables accelerated answers to complex research questions, because it brings video, audio, physiology and live observations together, all in one single software tool

  • Video / Live Observation + Data analysis in a single software tool
  • Limitless transcription, video rating and annotation possibilities
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Finds hidden information in your data
  • Powerful data analysis and statistical results at your fingertips
  • Creates complex results out of simple data
  • Increases reliability of results
  • With DataView, measurements from data acquisition systems and Event Logging Tools can be integrated into INTERACT
  • => Save time and money
  • => Find more interesting results
  • => Make publications faster

What Customers say

“...Mangold INTERACT on the other hand, runs smooth as butter in all aspects - playing videos, coding, statistics, and visualizations.

Last, but not least, Mangold INTERACT staff are lovely to deal with. Fast, efficient, and friendly. I really like them. … I think the level of customer support is something that is VERY important, and the Mangold team nails it.”
Dr. Shane Rogers,
Edith Cowan University, Australia

"The INTERACT Software is flexible, user friendly and rich in its capabilities. But, more importantly, the support staff at Mangold is unparalleled."
Prof. Ph.D. Catherine Tamis-LeMonda,
New York University, US

"INTERACT performed well within the use of our coding team and was a clear enhancement to our collaborative analysis of the video data"
Zafer Bilda, Ph.D.,
Sidney, Australia

"INTERACT has played the essential missing role in reflecting on the cognitive analysis of human interface reasoning to build intelligent more human interface between User and Computer"
Hamid Fujita, Ph.D. Professor,

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See how INTERACT Works

Mangold INTERACT does it all

No matter how you call it - "video coding", "video evaluation", "tagging", "setting markers", "event logging", "content analysis", "content coding" "qualitative analysis", "quantitative analysis", "video rating" ... Mangold INTERACT does it all.

  • Method-Independent
    Use your own individual observation methods and coding systems with INTERACT
  • Unlimited
    Work with an almost unlimited number of videos simultaneously* in INTERACT and collect an unlimited amount of data.
  • Result-Oriented
    INTERACT can unveil hidden information in your observational data. Things that would take very long to find out without such a powerful software tool.

Read the full story here: How Mangold INTERACT Works

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See how easy INTERACT can be used for behavior research studies

* The program is only limited by the used computer's overall power and the typical limitations of its operating system.

Key Features of Mangold INTERACT

INTERACT Live Viewer Technology

INTERACT offers unlimited coding and transcription possibilities for beginners and professionals.

Unlimited Coding and Transcription Possibilities

With INTERACT, complex coding / category systems can be used without restriction. Unlimited transcription is also possible at any time

From the requirements of various projects in over 28 years, basic functions have crystallized out in INTERACT, which are easy to use and in combination allow hundreds of coding processes.

From simple coding by push-button, via structured post-coding, to the coding process, in which several event streams are recorded in parallel.

INTERACT offers every user the right possibilities, from beginner to professional.

INTERACT Video Import

The new video technology allows the import of nearly every standard video formats including videos form action-cams and smartphones.


Easy to Use

During 28+ years of continued development of INTERACT, we always focused on intuitive usability and maximum flexibility.

The almost magic video technology in INTERACT allows for using any common video format in your studies. It can handle videos from digital camcorders, IP-cameras, streaming videos, action-cams, web-cams, smartphone videos etc. - just give it a try if you already have INTERACT, or ask us in case we should test one of your videos for you.

Also, using videos from different camera types simultaneously - such as one video from an action-cam, another from an Android mobile phone and another one from an iPhone - is easily possible.


Get Valuable Results Quickly with INTERACT

Immediate statistical results at the push of a button

Results at the touch of a button

INTERACT delivers statistical results at the touch of a button and makes them understandable. Exporting raw data as well as statistical results is also possible with a few mouse clicks.

Create stunning reports by using the charting functionalities in INTERACT

Meaningful Visualizations

Use the extensive charting capabilities of INTERACT to create meaningful visualizations for your reports and presentations.

Enormeous analysis possibilities with INTERACT

Gain more insights

View your data from a different perspective with the diverse data analysis capabilities of INTERACT.
Discover the hidden information in your data, which cannot be obtained through observation.

Buying the Mangold INTERACT Software

What does INTERACT cost?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Because INTERACT is available in different versions, we want to make sure you get the optimal solution for your needs. Just tell us your project requirements and we will be happy to send you the matching INTERACT price information.

Can I get a trial version?

Sure. A quick personal online training will enable you to get the most out of the trial.

We are happy to show you without obligation how INTERACT can be used in your project.
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