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What is MangoldVision

MangoldVision is an out-of-the box Eye Tracking System, including a Software Package and Eye Tracking Hardware. It is designed to be the perfect solution for Structured Eye Tracking Tests with Multiple Participants.

MangoldVision allows for presenting Various Stimuli (Images, Videos, Websites, EPrime and SuperLab Projects) and allows for capturing the entire Computer Screen, the user's Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as mouse actions and keyboard entries made during a test session.

Computer screen with heat map

MangoldVision's Benefits

MangoldVision is very easy to use, yet powerful in its functionality. Its key features are:

  • Supporting Multi Eye Tracker simultaneously (see video...)
  • Fully customizable calibration process
  • Possible post-hoc gaze data re-calibration
  • Data filtering and analysis on arbitrary questionnaires and user attribute
  • Project reorganization and re-recording without losing previous recorded data
  • Easy project merging even if the projects have different stimuli and user attributes
  • Multidimensional stimulus randomization
  • Easy export of heatmap and gazeplot videos
  • Moving and morphing areas of interest on videos
  • Sharing areas-of-interest across recordings
  • Full user experience recording: user camera, user audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions
  • Options to synchronize other systems in a research lab
  • Support for Superlab and EPrime projects
  • Integration with Mangold DataView for using EEG and Physiology in eye tracking studies

Who uses MangoldVision

MangoldVision is designed as an universal Eye Tracking system, that can be used by anyone wanting to perform PC based Eye Tracking Studies. For example, in the field of:



Language learning


Psychological tests


Educational science


Crime and accident research

Product development

... your imagination is the limit.

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Discover the true user's experience with Eye Tracking

Capture the user experience with eyetracking

Eye Tracking grants unique insights into visual human cognition which cannot be discovered through simple observation of participants or through questionnaires or interviews.

With MangoldVision you can easily present to your test subjects media (images / videos / websites) or structured tests, and record their gaze pattern while watching these media.

The post Area-of-Interest analysis gives statistical values and interesting insights into the participants' overall gaze behavior. Create easily impressive visualizations, such as Gaze Replay charts and videos, Focus Maps or Heat Maps on that data.

Only with gaze tracking, you can discover the true user experience and the value and effect of your study-objects.

See the MangoldVision Eye Tracking in Action

Eye Tracking tells you what you'd otherwise never find out

Use the portable eye tracking lab from Mangold International and run your Eye Tracking studies professionally. Explore the user’s experience while they are watching images, videos, web-pages, or while they play PC games, or use a specific application.

With a few simple steps you’ll have your MangoldVision EyeTracking lab up and running. The system is very small and lightweight. That makes it very portable.

The EyeTracker simply needs to be connected to a desktop or laptop computer running the MangoldVision software.
Setup your test environment wherever you want to run your studies.

The EyeTracking system can also be used with a computer screen in various sizes, which makes the MangoldVision system a real multi-functional solution.

To create a project, simply Drag & Drop the stimuli of our choice onto the MangoldVision time line. Use images, videos, websites, applications, or simply record the participants’ computer screen during your tests.

Easy Data Collection

At the beginning of each test, the Eye Tracker needs to be calibrated individually for each participant. This happens automatically and takes only a few seconds.
People wearing glasses or lenses can also participate in your studies. Even when the gaze of the participant is out of range for the eye tracker, it will resume automatically the moment the participants looks back to the screen.

After the calibration process, the previously defined stimuli are shown to the participant. The MangoldVision Eye Tracking system records the participants gaze.
The efficiency of MangoldVision enables you to run studies with multiple participants in short time. The MangoldVision EyeTracking system can of course be used with children.

Remote Observation

By using a remote viewing computer you can invite other stakeholders to follow the test live.
No additional components other than a network connection and a full installation of the MangoldVision software are required.

Efficient Data Analysis

Screen recording and data analysis is just as easy with the MangoldVision software package.
You can easily merge data from different projects with a few mouse clicks.
Also the filtering of data by arbitrary attributes is comfortably possible.

MangoldVision offers various possibilities for the analysis and visualization of recorded gaze data.
Create Gaze Plots, Heat Maps, Focus Maps or 3D visualizations with the push of a mouse button.
Simply copy and paste those images into your documents and create impressive presentations.

At the push of a button, export amazing videos showing the recorded gaze data.

Just highlight areas in the images or videos that you find particularly interesting.
MangoldVision uses those areas to automatically create statistics.
For example on gaze duration, frequencies of fixations or on gaze patterns
Export those statistical parameters simply via copy and paste into your reports.

The MangoldVision Eye Tracking System opens up a variety of opportunities.

MangoldVision tells you what you'd otherwise never find out.

Ask our professionals how your project can be realized with MangoldVision

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See Through the Eyes of your Participants

Eye Tracking Gaze Plot

Gaze Plot

Gives an excellent insight into the viewing behavior and gaze patterns of your participants. See how they have explored your visuals.

Eye Tracking Focus Map

Focus Map

A real aha experience for every researcher, designer or developer! See what your test subjects really have seen and what they did not look at.

Eye Tracking Heat Map

Heat Map

Shows at a glance the "high energy" areas of a stimulus to which your participants were focusing.

Eye Tracking Area of Interest

Areas of Interest

Simply define parts of a picture or a video for which you wish to get statistical results. MangoldVision will automatically calculate various key indicators relating to the eye movements of your test subjects.

Eye Tracking AOI Gaze Pattern

AOI Gaze Pattern

The Gaze Pattern Chart gives a very good impression of which specific areas-of-interest the participants have seen in which order.

Eye Tracking Physiological Measurements

Physiological Measurements

See physiological measurements in combination with the recorded data to get more insight into the real experience of your participants.

Eye Tracking Statistical Results

Statistical Results

Statistical results are calculated from the gaze data at the push of a button. This makes it easy for you to interpret data, prepare reports and compare studies.

Eye Tracking Reports, Export, Visualization

Export and Visualization

MangoldVision offers various data export possibilities and amazing chart options.

Use Multiple Eye Tracker Simultaneously

Have you ever wished to run more than one Eye Tracker in Parallel?

With MangoldVision and Mangold LogSquare an almost unlimited amount of Eye Tracking System can be operated simultaneously at one single test station.

This video demonstrates the use of two VT3 mini eye tracking devices in the Mangold LogSquare usability testing software.

This setup can be used for any kind of eye tracking study. The number eye tracking devices that can be used synchronously in the Mangold LogSquare or MangoldVision software is almost unlimited.

This offers amazing opportunities for studies in drive simulators, flight simulatorsor similar, and in any kind of usability or user experience tests where the participants work on multiple monitors.

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Eye Tracking Hardware

"MangoldVision eye tracking system is portable and easy to use.

The software suite is friendly and offers powerful tools

to capture and analyze data."

Prof. Dr. Paulo Correia,
University of Sao Paulo, BR