Realize the full potential
of your observational video data

Create Videos for Feedback and Training easily

  • You want to combine specific episodes of your videos into a single "highlight" video?
  • You want to create training material for your coders
  • You want to create teaching materials from your source videos?
  • You want to pass your clients the highlights of your evaluation as a video?
  • You want to create video feedback material?

...Then the Highlight Movie Creator is just right for you!

Create Highlight Videos of your observational data

Create highlight videos based on your marker and coding with only a few mouse clicks!

The Highlight Movie function in INTERACT or VideoSyncPro can create one single video from different video feeds. 

Thus, all your source material will be converted on the fly to fit the specifications of the selected destination format and to show only the parts that are of interest to you and your audience.


If you have used INTERACT to code all situations where e.g. a person "is looking at something special", you can select those events within INTERACT and tell it to create a highlight movie. 

Simply select the destination format for the resulting video and let the Highlight Movie Creator do its work. When video rendering is finished you will have a video that shows all the situations where the person "is looking at something special".

More sophisticated

If you or someone else has additionally coded all situations "where something interesting happens" based on the same video material, then INTERACT could create a highlight video with all scenes "where the person is looking at something special AND something interesting happens at the same time".

Imagine that those events are not necessarily happening exactly at the same time. Thus your resulting video will show a subset of all coded situations where both codes co-occur! These are just two examples out of numerous possibilities.

It does not matter if all events are distributed over several videos. Even if the source videos have different formats the Highlight Video function can put all scenes together, resulting in a single new video. 

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