Combine Measured Values
and Observational Data
for detailed Analysis

Analyze Physiological Measurements with DataView

What is Mangold DataView

DataView is a software program to Visualize and Work with structured numeric data. It's aim is to turn data into meaning.

Import data from various sources, such as CSV files, professional EEG equipment, Physiological measurements or data from other Acquisition Systems.

DataView works as Stand-Alone Application, but also connects to Mangold INTERACT, LogSquare and MangoldVision.

This connection allows creating a context between the measured data and the observational data collected through any of the other Mangold apps.

Only this context helps to unveil the meaning of the measurements and supports interpreting the meaning of the observational data.

Monitor with Mangold DataView application

DataView's Benefits

Only DataView allows to time-sync observational data with measurements and thus helps unveiling the raw data's meaning.

  • Combine Qualitative and Quantitative data
  • Import almost any structured numeric data
  • Connects automatically to Mangold INTERACT, LogSquare and MangoldVision and synchronizes video and data in time
  • Integrated programming environment for writing project individual data analysis and data management routines
  • => Understand your data
  • => Find more interesting results
  • => Make publications faster

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Who uses DataView

DataView is used by researchers in various application areas, in fact wherever the combination of measurements and observations is crucial to understand underlying human or animal behavior.

For example:

Educational scientists
Medical trainers
Sports scientist
Police investigators
Market researchers
Product developers
Management trainers

If you collect data and want to combine it with video and observational results, DataView is the tool of your choice.

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Combine different worlds

Synchronize data streams from different research tools

Mangold DataView allows to display virtually any type of external data in sync to your video footage.

Integrate the collected data with other software solutions from Mangold International.

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Buying the Mangold DataView Software

What does the DataView Software cost?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Mangold DataView is available as standalone software, but its real value lies in the combination with INTERACT, LogSquare or MangoldVision. Just tell us your project requirements and we will be happy to send you the matching system's price information.

Can I get a trial version?

Sure. A quick personal online training will enable you to get the most out of the trial.

We are happy to show you without obligation how Mangold DataView can be used in your project.
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