LogSquare Tutorials

Mangold LogSquare is the All-in-One Software Solution for your Usability Tests

Run your usability tests easily with Mangold LogSquare. You need only this single software tool for study design, recording and analysis.
As easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Look at this video and see how easy it is to run professional usability tests.

Synchronized Eye Tracking with Mangold LogSquare and MangoldVision

This video demonstrates the use of two VT3 mini eye tracking devices in the Mangold LogSquare usability testing software.

The number of eye tracking devices that can be used synchronously in the Mangold LogSquare or MangoldVision software is practically unlimited.

This offers amazing opportunities for studies in drive simulators, flight simulators or similar, and in any kind of usability or user experience tests where the participants should work on multiple monitors.

This setup can be used for any kind of eye tracking study.

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