Cutting-Edge Solution for Synchronized Audio, Video, and Marker Recording

The Mangold VideoSyncPro Software

Mangold VideoSyncPro software main screen

Take control of your entire recording scenario with ease.

VideoSyncPro is compatible with more than 300 audio/video devices.

You can easily record marker and annotations.

Including a lot of highly valuable functions for professional use in research, industry, and medical simulation applications.

Smooth and Professional Recording of Audio, Video, and Marker Data

In the fast-paced world of research and data analysis, staying ahead requires advanced tools that ensure efficiency and accuracy

That's where VideoSyncPro comes into play – a revolutionary software program designed to record multiple videos and audio sources and to control the entire recording environment.

Gone are the days of struggling with manual syncing or dealing with discrepancies between video feeds. 

VideoSyncPro synchronizes various audio and video streams, providing researchers and analysts with a seamless recording experience.

  • Record almost any standard Audio & Video source.
  • Collect individually configurable marker information and comments during live recording and post review.
  • Stream video feeds to different locations. E.g. meeting rooms, lecture rooms or any other location used for live or post observation.
  • Send media into the recording scenario.
  • Create highlight videos based on your recorded markers for teaching, training, or feedback purpose.
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Mangold VideoSyncPro in Brief

VideoSyncPro is a powerful tool with a wide range of features packaged in an intuitive interface.

Fully customizable

VideoSyncPro is an open system, easily configurable via drag & drop and offers lots of fine-tuning options to integrate most of the standard audio / video devices in the market and to match your specific system setup needs.

Prevents misconfiguration

A comprehensive user rights management system ensures that the system is not misconfigured in daily use.

VideoSyncPro Studio in psychology and social science

VideoSyncPro Studio in psychology and social science

Control your cameras remotely

VideoSyncPro goes beyond mere recording capabilities. Controlling cameras remotely with the computer mouse is a game-changer. This feature allows users to focus on the experiment at hand while managing camera angles and adjustments from the comfort of their workstation.

Influence the scenario and participants

Media such as audio, video, images, and documents can be sent into the recording scenario to provide information to the participants or to put them under stress to simulate a real-life experience.

Teaching, training and observation functions

VideoSyncPro has also a lot of professional features for sending media streams through the network, e.g. to a room with training participants, observers, or other stakeholders.

Teaching with VideoSyncPro

Use your recorded data immediately

Moreover, VideoSyncPro ensures that the resulting video files are stored in a standardized format. This crucial aspect eliminates the need for any time-consuming and error-prone format conversions. The audio/video recordings can now be analyzed immediately after recording, without any compatibility issues or tedious conversion processes.

Synchronize other data streams

Another standout feature of VideoSyncPro is its ability to synchronize other equipment within your laboratory. Your audio/video data can be easily paired with data from other systems for streamlined analysis. No more worrying about time-consuming adjustments or post-recording syncing – VideoSyncPro takes care of it all.

Mangold VideoSyncPro, Mangold Observation Studio and Brain Products EEG

Mangold  VideoSyncPro, Mangold Observation Studio and Brain Products EEG

Add marker and comments at any time

Users can add markers and comments to identify interesting time segments during recording, and in replay mode. The so created index allows for quick navigation in the recorded footage by simple mouse-clicks for easy review and professional debriefing.

Easy configuration of the user interface for optimal use

Simply undock all video windows of VideoSyncPro Studio to display the videos through different monitors or data projectors during live recording or review/ debriefing sessions.

The marker window can also be positioned on any monitor to make entering markers as easy as possible.

Remote control your recording sessions

VideoSyncPro offers many more features which show their value only during real recording sessions, such as recording camera position change information, being able to arbitrarily switch on/off audio sources during recording and replay, or last but not least the option to remotely control the recording and replay process and setting markers easily through a mobile device.

In conclusion, VideoSyncPro is a game-changing software program that revolutionizes synchronized data recording. With its unparalleled capabilities in connecting multiple audio and video feeds, synchronizing equipment, and storing data in standardized formats, VideoSyncPro empowers users to elevate their work, unlock new possibilities in data analysis, and imorove teaching and training.

Say hello to a seamless, efficient, and accurate audio/video recording experience with VideoSyncPro.

Mangold VideoSyncPro in education research

Mangold VideoSyncPro in education research

Mangold VideoSyncPro is the solution for any application where complex audio and video recoding is essential.

VideoSyncPro Studio in medical simulation

Mangold VideoSyncPro is the best choice for medical simulation in nursery training and education.

Mangold VideoSyncPro is the ultimate tool for team research in any field.

Mangold VideoSyncPro MedSim surgery
Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio for rescue worker training

Mangold VideoSyncPro can significantly improve the quality of outcomes in teaching and training first responder teams.

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio - One solution for many applications

No matter if it is for Team research, Parent-Infant interaction studies, Research on adolescence, Design thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Feedback and Training, Usability Research, Medical Simulation or ... you name it ... we certainly can design a professional observation lab solution meeting your individual needs.

Just describe your project and we propose the ideal package for you.

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