Synchronized Audio / Video and Marker Recording for Observation Labs

What is VideoSyncPro

The biggest challenge in any complex observational study is the synchronous recording of multiple audio, video, and other data sources. The Mangold VideoSyncPro software was developed precisely for this purpose.

VideoSyncPro is a software program to record multiple videos in sync, through a simple network connection. 

VideoSyncPro can synchronize other equipment in your lab, assuring that video and data from other systems can be analyzed in in sync later.

VideoSyncPro's Benefits

If you have ever tried recording different video feeds in sync, you know that this is far from easy. Especially if you want to make sure, the videos are still in sync after a long recording time.

Additionally, if other data acquisition systems should be recorded in sync to your video streams, how would you connect those devices to your cameras and recording equipment?

VideoSyncPro can do all of this:

  • Record various video streams in sync
  • Record lip-sync audio
  • Synchronize third party devices
  • Preview video and audio
  • Remote control cameras with the computer mouse

Examples of use for Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio 

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio in psychology and social science

  • Record almost any standard Audio & Video source.
  • Collect individually configurable marker information and comments during live recording and post review.
  • Stream video feeds to different locations. E.g. meeting rooms, lecture rooms or any other location used for live or post observation.
  • Create highlight videos based on your recorded markers for teaching, training, or feedback purpose.
VideoSyncPro Studio in psychology and social science

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio in education research

Mangold VideoSyncPro software in classroom observation

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio in teaching and training.

Simply undock all video windows of VideoSyncPro Studio to display the videos through different monitors or data projectors during live recording or review/ debriefing sessions.

The marker window can also be positioned on any monitor to make entering markers as easy as possible.

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio for medical simulation

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio for rescue worker training

Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio - One solution for many applications

No matter if it is for Team research, Parent-Infant interaction studies, Research on adolescence, Design thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Feedback and Training, Usability Research, Medical Simulation or ... you name it ... we certainly can design a professional observation lab solution meeting your individual needs.

Just describe your project and we propose the ideal package for you.

Discuss your project needs with us