Install Mangold Software with a Push of a Button

This is, how you can use your Mangold software products almost everywhere

If you purchased software from Mangold, you own a license key (aka "dongle").

This contains all license information, of the Mangold software you purchased.

You can plug this license key into any suitable PC and use the Mangold Software Manager to install the software on this PC.

The Mangold Software Manager allows you to

  • Update your Mangold Software License Information
  • Install Mangold Software
  • Download Updates of your Mangold Software
  • Create a CD-ROM with your most recent Mangold Software
Software Manager DOWNLOAD
Mangold Software Manager

This is how the Mangold software manager works

1. Update the License Information in your Dongle

If you purchased a new Mangold software or have extended the service, the software manager can easily transfer this information into your license key:

1. Plug in your Mangold License Key
2. Run the Mangold Software Manager so it can verify and update the license information automatically.

If no valid connection to our license server can be established, click on "Upgrade License Key".
Follow the instructions to send out the license request manually. Further instructions will be send with the updated license file.

2. Install / Update Software

The software manager will automatically tell you which Mangold software products you can download and install.

1. Plug in your Mangold License Key.
2. Run the Mangold Software Manager.
3. Click on "Install Software".
4. The Mangold Software Manager will guide you through the download and installation process.

On the ‘Install software’ page, the Software Manager always offers the latest version that is applicable to your license key (as long as a valid connection can be established to our software server).
If your “Premium service” period -which includes free updates- has already expired, it shows you the following options:

1. Download / install the last software version which is valid for your current (lapsed) service
2. The possibility to upgrade to the latest version of your software (for a fee). We always recommend that you extend your service contract and update it to the latest version as we continue to develop our software and there are always good reasons for the release of a new version. Just ask without obligation via email for the update conditions.

4. Create a CD-ROM/DVD of your Mangold Software

To secure your Mangold software products, we recommend that you always back up the latest installer files on a DVD. We strongly recommend that you back up your Mangold software. For technical reasons, not every software version will be available for download in the future.
The software manager can easily burn the DVD to you !:

1. Plug in your Mangold License Key.
2. Run the Mangold Software Manager.
3. Click on "Create Installation Disc".
4. The Mangold Software Manager will guide you through the creation process.