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Mangold Software on Windows

Follow these steps if you want to run a Mangold Software on your Windows PC.

1. Prerequisites

You need a physical Mangold USB license key OR a Mangold soft-license code (like "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX").

At least one of them is necessary for the following Mangold Software Manager to work.

2. Download and run the Mangold Software Manager. 

Software Manager - Download
Mangold Software Manager main screen

3. Install Products using the Software Manager

After starting, the Mangold Software Manager downloads the latest Mangold Software product (INTERACT, VideoSyncPro, MangoldVision...) depending on the licence information you provide while using the Software Manager.

You can choose which products you want to download.

After a successful download, you can choose which products you want to install.

Mangold Software Manager Download screen

Mangold Software on macOS

Follow these steps if you want to run a Mangold Software on your macOS device.

Note: You may not be able to start INTERACT after installation if your licence is not valid for this latest version. In this case, please contact our team or, if in doubt, ask in advance whether your existing licence is suitable for this latest INTERACT. Check with Mangold...

1. Step - Installing required drivers

The so called CodeMeter User Runtime is required for all Mangold Software installations on macOS. Download the driver from the following manufacturer website: 

Download CodeMeter Runtime

a) Click Download next to the macOS version.

b) Allow CodeMeter downloads.

c) Mount the CmRuntimeUser dmg by double-clicking the downloaded CodeMeter *.dmg file.

d) Double-Click the CmInstall.pkg file available on the disk image (dmg).

CodeMeter Runtime Download

2. Check your USB License Key compatibility - in case you have a physical license key

Skip this step if you have a soft-license code (like "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX")

If you have a physical USB license key (aka "Dongle"), and use it on macOS for the first time, check its compatibility now:

a) Start the just installed CodeMeter Control Center app.

b) Insert the physical USB license key.

c) If the serial number of the stick is visible in the left pane of the Control Center, your USB license key is compatible so that you can continue with the installation of INTERACT. 

If nothing appears, your license key is not compatible; please get in touch with our support team.

CodeMeter Control Center screenshot

3. Download Mangold INTERACT

Download the Mangold INTERACT software as zip file into your local Download folder.

Per default, Safari automatically unzips this package, resulting in the INTERACT application icon directly inside your Download folder.

If you use a different browser, or changed the default Safari setting to "Do NOT  automatically unzip know file types", you need to unzip the package after downloading.

4. Install Mangold INTERACT

After the is unzipped,drag the icon from the Download folder into the Application folder for installation.

Make sure your system did not automatically rename your copy by adding a number if you have downloaded or unzipped this file multiple times.

5. Run Mangold INTERACT

Because the was downloaded from the internet, macOS prevents opening the software with a simple double-click. Follow the steps below to confirm this security check:

a) Make a right-click on the INTERACT app (or press the CONTROL key while you click).

b) Keep the CONTROL key pressed while you select ‘Open’ from the context menu. => See Troubleshooting below...

c) A warning dialog showing a yellow triangle appears: Just click Open to start INTERACT. macOS should remember this confirmation for future program starts.

macOS open menu

Can't see this "Open" menu item? See Troubleshooting below...

macOS warning dialog


Depending on your system's OS version or security settings, the Open button might not appear, even though you keep the CONTROL button pressed long enough.

In this case, you need to open the System Settings dialog:

a) Switch to the Security & Privacy settings and select the General section.

b) Activate the option Apps from the App Store and identified developers.

If a message like The '' was blocked from loading is displayed in the grey area:

c) Click the Lock icon to make changes.

d) Click Allowto run INTERACT.

macOS security settings dialog