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US y CA: +1 (404) 537 2170

ROW: +49 (0) 8723 / 978-330

Mangold International GmbH
Graf-von-Deym-Str. 5
94424 Arnstorf, Germany

Pascal Mangold

From the CEO's desk… 

I am delighted to lead this international company as the managing director because my employees and I can help shape the future.

It excites me to work for this company because I meet interesting people daily and whose fascinating projects I can accompany. Some of those projects include primate research, medical simulation, family studies, and usability applications.

Creativity and quality have always been my focus and strength. Those characteristics motivate me daily to work on challenges and create something new. In moments of silence, when the day comes to an end, or when new ideas pop in my head while traveling, are the moments when the thoughts start flowing, and creativity unfolds.

I am thinking about exciting projects for our customers, for example, the usefulness of their work for society, and new functions or products that can help them. Not everything can happen immediately in the daily business - but time allows innovative ideas to mature.

Every now and then, an innovative idea is ripe. These are the moments when I really appreciate working in an international environment with so many possibilities.

If you have a particular idea or request, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for being interested in our solutions.

Pascal Mangold

Contact me if you have a special request: Email to CEO