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I am a registered Mangold International Partner. How do I order a license for my customer?

Once approved, you receive a letter from Mangold International with your Partner ID and your rebate rate for ordering our products. All you have to do now is to simply place your orders through our online order form by selecting the desired product(s). Identify yourself as a reseller during the ordering process by entering your Partner ID. Products are send to you using delivery services.

Which products can I sell ? Can I list the entire Mangold International license catalog?

The new program features five membership levels. As benefits are aligned with the investments you make and the results you achieve, we reserve the right to differentiate in the products each partner can sell based on membership level. In your approval letter to the Mangold International PartnerNet we will inform you about your products you can sell.

Where are the article numbers? I cannot find the product IDs which I need to place my order.

No product IDs are required when ordering through the online orderform. Simply select the product you wish to order from the appropriate page and enter your reseller ID / password.

Whose address do I provide when placing an order - mine, or the customers?

It is imperative that you provide name, address and contact information of YOUR CUSTOMER during the ordering as we need this information for registering and activating the product.
Choose whether the DELIVERY should be addressed to the customer or to you.
The INVOICE will always be addressed to you.

Can I sell discounted educational or government licenses?

Customers purchasing educational or government licenses must agree to our terms and conditions for educational or government licenses. As a reseller, you, too, agree to be bound by these terms. This means that you can sell educational / government licenses only and exclusively to institutions and individuals who are eligible under our appropriate license terms.
We reserve the right to request written proof of educational or government status for any educational /government license sold at any time. Educational /government licenses that were sold to individuals or organizations not deserving of this discount are subject to immediate revocation. Also, we will charge the reseller for the difference in price between the standard and the educational version in such a case.

Do I have to provide any type of technical support?

Depending on your partnership level. Mangold International provides extensive technical support to users of Mangold International software products. As a partner, you can simply direct users to our central support information page on

My customer has lost his dongle. What should I do?

First, we would ask you to get a sworn affidavit that the dongle has been lost and that if the lost dongle is found it will be returned to Mangold International immediately. We will then at our discretion send a replacement dongle.

Can I use information from your web site to promote Mangold International?

Yes. You can use any information we make available in a special (and growing!) section of our PartnerNet Web site under Partner Info Materials. If you'd like more information or would like to use information from other sections of our site, please don't hesitate to ask.

What methods of payments do you accept from partners?

We accept all payment methods—credit card, bank transfer, cash, based on the International USD price list outside the European Union or the EURO price list within the European Union.

How can I change my contact data, e.g., my email address?

You can update your email address and various other aspects of your reseller account by contacting your assigned account manager at Mangold International, which is identified in your letter of acceptance into the Mangold International PartnerNet program.

How can I be sure that I have the most up-to-date pricing and licensing information?

We notify our resellers in writing about any changes in pricing and products. You can also check our PartnerNet section on for the most up-to-date pricing information at any time. The information posted there is the "definitive edition" of version, license, and pricing information.

What is my discount as a reseller?

This information is individually based on your partnership level and will be sent to you with your acceptance notification as a partner. Please look there for the exact amount of your discount.