Comparison of e-shops with Eye Tracking

At the University of West Bohemian, Pilsen, Czech Republic, an intersting comparison of different e-shops was performed with MangoldVision. Daniela Vlková from the Faculty of Economics used eye tracking to demonstrate the advantages of this technology for the improvement of the tested e-shops.

Comparison of a selected group of e-shops
by eye camera (eyetracking)

VLKOVÁ, Daniela. Diploma thesis. Pilsen: The Faculty of Economics, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, 104 p., 2016.

This diploma thesis is focused on a comparison of a few selected e-shops based on testing by eye camera (eye-tracking). The thesis consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is comprised of an introduction to the e-commerce issues, basic recommendations for design and marketing of e-shops and a description of the eye-tracking methodology. In the empirical part is firstly presented a research proposal, followed by a research report including a description of the testing process, an analysis and an evaluation of the collected findings and recommended actions for improvement of the tested e-shops.

Key words: e-commerce, e-shop, design, marketing, eye camera, eyetracking

For the documentation and analysis of the study, the MangoldVision eye tracking system was used, including the VT3 mini eye tracker and the analysis software MangoldVision.

MangoldVision - eye tracking system

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