Mangold Blog Opening

We’ve finally made it – Mangold is blogging!

Since more than 20 years Mangold International develops Analysis Tools for Observational Research. The unique products (Hardware and Software) enable researchers to perform professional Live-Observation, Video Analysis, Eye-Tracking-Studies or Usability Research. Therefore, the newest Audio-, Video- and Computer Technologies are integrated into individual Lab solutions. Planning, Installation, Training and Support make Mangold a full-scale solution provider.

Our new Blog informs you about successful projects, scientific studies, latest trends, smart employees and dazzling ideas. Also, about our unique products which rank among the best tools for science and industry.

We at Mangold learn something new every day. That’s why we seek a dialogue with our customers and partners – this ist the best way in which we can optimize our solutions for you.

Therefore our Blog should inspire everyone for discussion. Subscribe to our Blog and talk with us. We look forward to hear your point of view!

Hereby we declare the Mangold Blog opening!