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What is Obansys

Obansys is a mobile iOS application to collect live observation data.

If you need a professional and flexible logging tool to collect, manage and analyze data from live observations - obansys is just what you need.

Who uses Obansys

Obansys is an indispensable tool for any scientist, engineer, usability professional, or simply anyone interested in how she or others spend their time.

Obansys' Benefits

  • obansys is easy to use and flexible because you can create your individual coding schemas.
  • obansys allows you to log and analyze accurate time information for any type of activity you define.
  • obansys gives you insight through numbers and charts, on what really happened during your observations.
<obansys - the iOS App for mobile observation

Use obansys in various fields and applications


Use obansys wherever activities, gestures, postures, actions, or any other type of behavior needs to be accurately logged.


Use obansys for studies on autism. Log your child’s behavior over a longer period and check the statistics on how the behavior improves over time.

Education and Training

Use obansys to log the teachers' activities and the students' responses. Understand which activities happen how often and for how long. Use the collected data to improve teaching.


Use obansys to log any kind of activity or behavior during sport activities. Use the collected data to improve team play or motion sequences.

Consumer Behavior

Use obansys in supermarket studies, log consumer behavior during decision-making situations or while using a product.

Animal Behavior

Use obansys for your field studies on animal behavior in wildlife, in the zoo, or simply at home with pets.

Engineering / Usability

Use obansys to log user activities and behavior during usability studies, in your lab or in the field. Understand what issues customers have using your products and reveal the potential for improvement.

Use it as personal logger to

- Log time you spend in various locations
- Log time of project based tasks
- Or simply keep track of your own time during your daily life

... Use Obansys for any application and capture your observations on a time scale.

Research goes mobile with obansys

Use obansys in various fields and applications

As a perfect complement to your individual research lab from Mangold, obansys is the right choice for all those who want to record observations in field tests.

For maximum data security and control obansys works without an online connection or cloud connectivity. All data remains on the user's device and can be exported with the chargeable obansys Pro version via iTunes or drop box.

Obansys is multilingual and immediately understandable and usable for different users (EN, IT, DE, NL, FR).

If you are a scientist, student, engineer, usability professional or if you are simply interested in logging how you spend your time, then obansys is the tool you need!

Get Professional Results at your Fingertips

With obansys you can log your live observation events everywhere by simply using your iPhone or iPad.

Import your Obansys data into Mangold INTERACT* for further analysis

Video Content Analysis with Mangold INTERACT Software

Video Content Analysis with Mangold INTERACT Software

Carry out qualitative and quantitative video-based observational studies easily with INTERACT.

INTERACT enables accelerated answers to complex research questions, because it brings video, audio, physiology and live observations together, all in one single software tool.

*) The use of Mangold INTERACT and the use of obansys data in INTERACT requires a full license of INTERACT and a license for the extra import module to load obansys data files into INTERACT. Neither Mangold INTERACT nor the additional obansys data import module are included in the obansys Professional package. Additional costs arise if you want to use this functionality.