Everything began in a garage...

Mangold International: From a “garage firm” to an internationally operating company

I never regret my decision to start my own IT-company. Who would have thought that a “garage firm” (part of our garage was really my first office!) would one day become a worldwide operating company.

Today, Mangold International GmbH is a market leader for research labs with an export rate of more than 50 percent and customers in Australia, Canada, USA, China, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Norway and many other countries.

Fortunately, we are one of the biggest IT-companies in Lower Bavaria since operating with profit from the beginning.

This solidity always gives our customers the guarantee to have a strong and financially stable partner.

We don’t sell “products” but long-term solutions for the needs of our customers.

And: we moved out a long time ago from the garage!

For your confidence over the years, I would like to express my sincere thanks also on behalf of our entire team!