Systems for Data Acquisition, Audio/Video Recording, and Content Analysis in Human Factors Research and other Observation Applications

INTERACT - The Software for the Qualitative and Quantitative Audio/Video Content Analysis 


Unlimited Analysis Possibilities

With INTERACT you get a worldwide proven and user-friendly audio/video content and data analysis software. 

You can create content-coding and transcriptions easy and flexible in INTERACT.

INTERACT can work with almost every standard video format. No matter if it was recorded in your Mangold lab or taken with your mobile phone.

Define your individual category systems and collect codes and transcripts with INTERACT quickly.

Get statistical results and charts at the touch of a button.

With INTERACT you can discover hidden information in your data that cannot be easily detected with common methods.

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Record Audio + Video + Marker easily with VideoSyncPro

VideoSyncPro Logo
VideoSyncPro Screen

Easy and Powerful A/V Recording

The VideoSyncPro software records multiple audio and video signals and customizable marker information via network connection.

Benefits of VideoSyncPro

  • Record different audio/video sources simultaneously
  • Synchronize third-party devices to the video (e.g. physiology recording systems)
  • View videos from basically any location on the network
  • Control cameras remotely
  • Log extensive comment and marker easily
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Stationary Audio/Video Recording Solutions

Behavior Observation Lab

Stationary audio/video system solutions for a broad range of applications

A stationary audio/video system from Mangold offers quick and secure recording and evaluation of your A/V footage and marker data.

Each system is planned to suit your individual application. Mangold labs have been used successfully for many years in science, research, and public institutions worldwide.

Let us know your needs and we'll be happy to provide you with the necessary system solution.

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Portable Audio/Video Solutions

Portable observation lab

Conduct Your Observation Projects Anywhere

In a portable Mangold Observation System all necessary audio/video and computer components are provided in a specially designed case.

This solution is ideal if you have no fixed rooms available, if you need to perform field studies, or simply need a flexible and mobile audio/video recording system.

Save valuable time and resources with this solution, which you can better use in other parts of your projects.


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Eye Tracking made easy

MangoldVision Logo
MangoldVision System Package

The All-in-One Eye Tracking Solution

Easily present different stimuli to your participants, such as pictures, videos, or websites, while the Mangold Vision system records the participants' gaze data.

Mangold Vision can also capture a video of the user and their activities on the computer. This gives you extensive insights into the interaction and gaze behavior of your test subjects.

Whether marketing, design, reading studies, or psychological tests - Mangold Vision makes efficient eye tracking studies easy.

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Feedback and Traing Videos created easily

MangoldVision Software Logo

The HighlightMovieCreator

Create feedback and training videos quickly and easily with the Mangold HighlightMovieCreator. Based on video markers in VideoSyncPro or observation events in INTERACT.

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Portable EEG

Portable EEG

The professional all-in-one wireless Electroencephalography (EEG) system for mobile use.

Stationary EEG

Stationary EEG

The high-end EEG recording system for the Lab environment

Measuring Physiology

Measuring Physiology

Systems to record physiological data (EDA, pulse, respiration...)

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