Software and Labs for Observational Research

Professional Software and Hardware for Data Collection and Analysis in Human and Animal Behavior

Turn-key Individual Video Observation Labs<br/>

Turn-key Individual Video Observation Labs

Capture, observe and analyze human or animal behavior easily, with a Mangold International Video and Observation Lab solution

Mangold offers state-of-the-art reaearch software, audio, video, computer and data acquisition systems for a wide range of research applications.

Video Content Analysis with Mangold INTERACT Software<br/>

Video Content Analysis with Mangold INTERACT Software

Carry out qualitative and quantitative video-based observational studies easily with INTERACT.

INTERACT enables accelerated answers to complex research questions, because it brings video, audio, physiology and live observations together, all in one single software tool.

Eye Tracking made easy with MangoldVision

Eye Tracking made easy with MangoldVision

MangoldVision - The eye tracking system for studies in science, usability and market research.

MangoldVision allows for presenting Various Stimuli (Images, Videos, Websites, EPrime and SuperLab Projects) and records and analyzes the user's gaze patterns.

Mangold LogSquare<br/>Usability Lab in a box<br/>

Mangold LogSquare
Usability Lab in a box

The Out-of-the-Box Solution for Usability and User Experience Studies captures the entire User's experience.

The Mangold LogSquare software allows you to quickly find and understand usability issues in your test objects.

Live Observation with Mangold Obansys<br/>

Live Observation with Mangold Obansys

The iOS App for the Mobile Collection of Live Observational Data in a variety of field studies or wherever live observation is needed.

If you need a professional and flexible logging tool to collect, manage and analyze data from Live Observations - obansys is the right tool for you.

Physiology &amp; Neuroscience with Mangold DataView<br/>

Physiology & Neuroscience with Mangold DataView

Combine video-based observation data with physiological measures quickly and easily.

DataView allows to time-sync observational data with measurements and thus helps unveiling the raw data's meaning, because it creates a context between qualitative and quantitative data.

Mobile EEG Recording Solution<br/>

Mobile EEG Recording Solution

The Professional all-in-one Wireless Electroencephalography (EEG) System Package.

Stationary EEG Recording Solution<br/>

Stationary EEG Recording Solution

The High-End EEG recording system for scientific research.

Physiolocical Measurement Solutions<br/>

Physiolocical Measurement Solutions

High-Quality Physiology Measurement Devices and sensors (GSR, Heart Rate, Breath, Temperature ...).

One Platform to Integrate and Analyze your Observational Research Data

The possibility of integrating almost any data, collected during your studies in a central place, is crucial for creating reliable and interesting results. Because the combination of and the relation between different data, gives you more insight and quicker answers to your hypothesis, than looking at single independent data sources. This integration can be done with Mangold software tools.

Software and Systemsolutions for Research on Behavior
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Analysis of eye tracking videos with INTERACT

A Great Review of INTERACT we want to share with you

“Mangold INTERACT on the other hand, runs smooth as butter in all aspects - playing videos, coding, statistics, and visualizations.

Last, but not least, Mangold INTERACT staff are lovely to deal with. Fast, efficient, and friendly. I really like them. … I think the level of customer support is something that is VERY important, and the Mangold team nails it.”

Dr. Shane Rogers, Edith Cowan University, Australia