System Solutions for
Audio/ Video Recording and Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

Mangold INTERACT screenshot

Mangold INTERACT Software

The Video Coding and Analysis Software used by more than 80% of all Top-100 Universities worldwide


Individual Video Observation Labs

Capture, Observe and Analyze Behavior easily, with a Mangold Video Observation Lab

Mangold behavior observation lab


Medical surgery team

Team Research in Simulation Labs

Increase Team Performance through Professional Observation during Simulations with a Mangold Audio/ Video Observation System

Team Research Labs


Interview Recording Solutions

Document sensitive conversations with people in need of protection

Child in interview situation


Human eye

The Mangold Vision Eye Tracking System

The Complete Eye Tracking System for Studies in Science, Usability and Market Research

Mangold Vision

Software Tools to Integrate and Analyze your Observational Research Data

The ability to analyze data from multiple sources is a valuable asset in finding reliable and interesting insights. The combination of different data gives you more insight and faster answers to your hypotheses than the independent search for results in individual data sources. This integration is provided by software tools from Mangold.

Software and Systemsolutions for Research on Behavior
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