Mangold is expanding its worldwide Partner Network

Mangold International expands its worldwide partner network with a base in Italy. An ideal Partnership was formed with the company Medicoimpianti from Parma to increase the services for customers in Italy.

Medicoimpianti has operated in the Medical Device Industry for more than 20 years and specializes in the import of medical and scientific systems into Italy. Medicoimpianti has years of experience and excellent contacts with Research Institutes and Universities which are very beneficial for a long lasting partnership with this company.

Gianluigi Delucca, CEO of Medicoimpianti, personally visited the Mangold International Headquarters in Arnstorf, Germany to seal the cooperation.

“The products of Mangold fit exactly in the portfolio of Medicoimpianti, said Delucca.

The Mangold Partner Network contains more than 20 partners in 18 countries worldwide and guarantees the best customer service.