New employees at Mangold International

I am very pleased to welcome five new employees to Mangold International

Michael Baudler and Eugeene Hubersberger will begin their IT job training in the field of application development. They both would like to take their interest of software and multimedia technologies and turn it into a career. The hands-on training will take place in the various divisions of Mangold. In addition, they both are attending school in Passau and studying theoretical lessons.

Nicole Brams and Benjamin Eber will join our sales team with the much-needed reinforcement in order to meet the numerous requests that reach us daily.

Both are available to our customers not only by phone, but also at various conferences around the world.

The fifth in the new group is Bärbel Konrad. She will take over the office management and be responsible for the smooth running of all internal operations. She will also take care of the international shipment of goods and corresponding customs clearance.

I wish all new employees a good start, a lot of joy in their new jobs and I look forward to a rewarding and trusting relationship.