Mangold VideoSyncPro version 2.5

News from the development department:
Mangold VideoSyncPro supports now video recordings at 120 frames per second

Starting with Version 2.5, VideoSyncPro will support up to 120 frames per second.
How many pictures you can shoot is determined by the camera used:

1. Axis P55xx series (standard PTZ camera from our fixed labs): 25 fps (Europe) / 30 fps (USA)

2. Axis P1365 MKII camera (portable lab cameras with varifocal lens): 50 fps (Europe) / 60 fps (USA)

3. Axis V59xx series (our high end PTZ lab camera): 50 fps (Europe) / 60 fps (USA)

4. Axis Q1615MKII (varifocal lens camera, new in the portfolio, available now): 100 fps (Europe) / 120 fps (USA)

For the first 3 model series we support resolutions of 720p (HD) and 1080p (FullHD). The Axis Q1615MKII is capable of only 720p at 100 frames per second.
You can record up to 300 fps per VideoSyncPro pc, that is, e.g. 3x 60 fps camera and 1x 120 fps camera or 2x 120 fps and 2x 30 fps.

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