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Particularly in the context of large school classes, social conflict and time shortages, the quality of teacher training gains increasing importance for the future of our children. A key contribution is made by analytical video observation. This advanced technology brings together higher education teaching and school practice, synergistically.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not correcting a mistake means making a second one. And…you identify mistakes best by making them visible. Today this is precisely what pedagogues, coaches, school and higher education teachers are doing.  They use modern audio and video techniques as an instrument for self-examination, for example, when they interact with students.

Life without video-based observation and evaluation is unthinkable these days in teaching and learning situations. This future-oriented technology promotes teaching development, as well as the professionalisation of trainers, coaches, performance specialists and team managers. The numerous lab installations from Mangold International in this diverse environment show their professionalism, flexibility and versatility as a leading supplier.

Teaching, learning, training - Studies with Mangold products

Success breeds success. When are coaches particularly successful?

Behavioral research - success and dominance in coach and client

For the study, coaching sessions were evaluated via video analysis with Mangold INTERACT. The analysis shows that coach and client hardly differ with respect to affiliation dimensions – both show themselves to be similarly friendly.

There were greater differences in dominance behaviour however. The study concludes that coaches are perceived as particularly successful when coaches and clients show a similar dominance behaviour.

More: Why interpersonal dominance and affiliation matter: an interaction analysis of the coach-client relationship

What has humour got to do with team performance?

Behavioral research - humor and team performance

How can one of the most striking characteristics of humans like humour be measured scientifically? It's possible using Mangold INTERACT.

For example in a video study entitled “How much fun is there at your meetings?”. Behavioural patterns such as humour and laughter were recorded and encoded on video during 54 regular team meetings with real company teams.

It was possible to identify that such behaviour patterns positively influenced team performance. However, this was not true with high levels of workplace fear or job uncertainty. Here these patterns had no influence on the team.

More: Humor patterns in team interactions

Activation challenges in teaching to activate prior knowledge

Behavioral research - activation of prior knowledge in the classroom

The ability to activate prior knowledge, as well as the ability to link to existing knowledge are crucial to learning success. In the school environment, the active support of the teachers is important to activate existing prior knowledge.

This study, carried out with the aid of Mangold INTERACT, aimed to identify and describe activation challenges in business-related teaching practice. A systematic examination is made to what extent teachers actively support the activation of prior knowledge in teaching.
In this research work, the INTERACT functions were used specifically to calculate the observer agreement, the establishment of state-space grids and sequence analyses.

More (German Ph.D. publication):
Aktivierungsaufforderungen im wirtschaftsberuflichen Unterricht

Efficient classroom management: Evaluation of a video-based training seminar to promote the professional appreciation of classroom management within school education

Behavioral research - efficient class management

An important prerequisite for efficient classroom management is recognising and evaluating the events relevant to the management of the teaching. In this observation study, the extent to which professional appreciation can be conveyed within university teacher training is examined by analysing teaching videos.

The key classroom management dimensions were 'withitness', structuring the process of the class, and group activation (group focus). A total of 120 students participated in the covariance study.

Mehr (German):
Evaluation eines videobasierten Trainingsseminars zur Förderung der professionellen Wahrnehmung von Klassenführung im Grundschulunterricht

Further observational studies with Mangold-INTERACT

Manual distractions in ambulance drivers: Pro and cons of journeys with and without flashing lights and siren

Ambulance drivers who cut a path through the streets with flashing lights and a siren should be able to drive more safely than without these warning signals. But it's actually the opposite. A video observation study with Mangold INTERACT shows that ambulance drivers are distracted from the road traffic during their journeys with flashing lights and siren. This applies particularly at the moment when they activate the warning systems manually.

More: Manual Distractions of Ambulance Drivers

How can we improve the communication skills of engineers?

Verbal communication skills have also become increasingly important for engineers. Today these are among the most sought-after skills. They also play a significant role for technicians and engineers in terms of career progression. Engineers spend half of their working life communicating with others. Efficient communication is therefore extremely important. But it does not seem to be so easy to enhance this target group successfully with conventional communication training. This Mangold INTERACT study shows how measurable positives can be achieved in the communication skills of engineers using Motivational Interviewing.

More: Skills-based vocational training in Motivational Interviewing for engineers in higher education

How intensively do young adults clean their teeth and improve their oral hygiene with dental floss?

The aim of this Mangold INTERACT video study involving more than 100 participants was to analyse oral hygiene in young people. Criteria were toothbrushing duration, movement of the toothbrush, coverage of mouth cavity areas and dental floss use. It turned out that the oral surfaces such as gums and the use of dental floss were significantly neglected.

Mehr: Toothbrushing and flossing behaviour in young adults

Investigation of motivational conversation management

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a psychological intervention method with the aim of motivating an interviewee or interviewees to change their behaviour. In an MI intervention, change-promoting statements - so-called Change Talk (e.g. “I want to change myself”) - are amplified, while change-countering statements - Counter Change Talk (e.g. “I will not change myself”) - are reduced. 

The results of the study suggest that motivational conversation management has the potential to change the environmental behaviour of humans.

More: Watch your language

Investigation of group dynamics in project meetings with the help of sequence analyses

Sequence analysis is a statistical method which examines dynamic sequences in the behaviour of a group interaction. The study analyses the group discussions of a project team recorded over 24 meetings by video. The behaviour of the meeting participants was coded in different communication categories (e.g. structuring and action-related statements).

More: Group interactions and time: Using sequential analysis to study group dynamics in project meetings.

Sparing user behaviour reduces energy costs by 20 percent

Example from TU Braunschweig: the 201 buildings, of which more than 80 percent were built prior to 1980, led to an increase in heating costs of +17 percent and an increase in electricity costs of +32 percent in the last five years. A rise in energy costs to more than 14 million euros per year is forecast by 2018. In this context, user-related energy saving potentials should also be analysed.

As part of an interaction analysis with Mangold INTERACT, communication processes between energy coaches and users were presented and evaluated. The aim was to embed an appropriate communication concept within the energy master plan. In workshops, energy training and coaching sessions, university staff were to be informed and motivated to save energy. They should pass on this attitude to other users during everyday work life. The interaction analysis with Mangold INTERACT shows: not only is it important what is said but above all, how something is said. Only then we can avoid creating resistance within the user, instead instilling empathy and fostering change.

More: Watching how they are talking – Analyzing verbal behavior in two non-residential building projects to save energy by means of user participation

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