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How to Identify Emotions

Learn how to integrate automatically analyzed emotions with manually collected observations.

Creating Statistics with INTERACT

Solve the laborious part of data collection by using INTERACT and get statistics within a few mouse clicks.

Merge INTERACT Data Files

Integrate full natural spoken word transcriptions during observation with INTERACT.

Video Tutorials

Coding of Eye Tracking videos with Mangold INTERACT

Code video recordings of face-to-face eye tracking studies easily with Mangold INTERACT.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of audio, video and live observation

Mangold INTERACT is the all-in-one software solution for the analysis of obeservational research studies.

Import your Data easily with Drag & Drop

See how easy you can link additional information from external sources to your data in INTERACT.

Analysis of long-term data

Create micro-analytical frame-by-frame analysis of videos or historical data comparisons in long-term studies with epochal significance.

Impress with Significant Results

The integrated analysis functions and visualization options allow you to convert your data into intuitive, professional presentations.

Creating animated State Space Grid's

See how easy it is to create videos of the State Space Grid's by using Mangold INTERACT.

Creating Hightlight Videos automatically

With Mangold INTERACT you can create impressive highlight videos of the most important events of your data analysis

Highlight videos based on data analysis

This video shows how a highlight video is created in INTERACT, based on events generated by data analysis.

Import physiological data in Mangold DataView

Import physiological data in Mangold DataView and combine them with your data from Mangold INTERACT .

Data Analysis with Mangold DataView

Analyze physiological data with Mangold DataView and combine these results with your measurement data from INTERACT.