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Coding of Eye Tracking videos with Mangold INTERACT

See how comfortable it is to code video recordings of face-to-face eye tracking studies.

A 20-min talk as part of ECU guild conference week in 2016 about face-to-face eye tracking research.

Thank's to Dr. Shane Rogers, Lecturer @School of Humanities and Arts (Psychology) for using Mangold INTERACT for this research study.

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Import your Data esily with Drag & Drop

In this tutorial we show you how easy it is to import additional information for coding and analysis to Mangold INTERACT.

Analyze long-term data professionally with Mangold INTERACT

Mangold INTERACT documents your observations with an accuracy of 0.000 000 1 second over a period of 5.9 million days.

Evaluate more than 24-hours with the ability to create your data over periods of +/- 2,958,465 days. This leaves all doors open with this tremendous amount of flexibility in your research.

Create micro-analytical frame-by-frame analysis of videos or historical data comparisons in long-term studies with epochal significance.

Impress with Significant Results

You do not need to be a statistician or multimedia professional in order to obtain meaningful results. The integrated analysis functions and diverse possibilities of visualization in Mangold INTERACT enable you to convert your data into compelling and stunning presentations that will inspire the professional world.

Impressing animated State Space Grid's at your Fingertips

See how easy it is to create videos of the State Space Grid's by using Mangold INTERACT.

Creating Hightlight Videos automatically

With Mangold INTERACT you can create impressive highlight videos of the most important events of your data analysis. See how easy this can be!

To find answers for complex research task settings INTERACT can be combined with other Software moduls from Mangold International...

Import physiological data in Mangold DataView

In this tutorial we show you how you can import physiological data in Mangold DataView and how to combine them with your data from Mangold INTERACT .

Data Analysis with Mangold DataView

See how easy it is to import physiology data into Mangold DataView. Learn how to combine your behavioral observations with these measurements.

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