„I want to do better“

With this quote, CEO Pascal Mangold explained to 33 highly talented students why he decided to start his own company.

CEO Pascal Mangold speaks to 33 highly talented high school students

CEO Pascal Mangold speaks to 33 highly talented high school students

Pascal Mangold presented his professional career to highly talented students. 

From initially passionate software developer to successful visionary entrepreneur.

Mangold International Success Story

In his presentation, he talked about how he founded a company in Arnstorf based on extensive professional experience and as the author of the book "IT-Projektmanagement kompakt".

With statements such as "You can't be too good for anything" and the attitude "Just do it!" he inspired the audience.

In a charming and humorous way, he told them his success story: The path from passionate software developer to all-rounder and visionary entrepreneur who has now been internationally successful for decades.

Pascal Mangold's maxim: Quality always goes Before Quantity.

View from the office of Mangold International branch Atlanta, GA, USA

View from the office of Mangold International branch Atlanta, GA, USA

Pascal Mangold in Atlanta

Pascal Mangold in Atlanta

Seeing is not equal to observing

He realized this quality consciousness in the observation software INTERACT, which has been on the market since 1991. From then on, the product range of Mangold International developed steadily. 

Because "just looking" does not work, Pascal Mangold developed additional software programs for observational research and data analysis. 

Today, several software packages and individual observation laboratories from Mangold International are available to scientists.

And the demand is great - from psychologists to ethologists, in education to technicians for the space industry worldwide. Not only the successes speak for themselves, but also the awards received over the years.

Balancing family and career

In addition to his career in the software industry, he emphasized how important it is to be supported by one's own family. He closed what a high value his wife and children mean to him with the quote: "Family is the most important thing!"

With this, he not only won the hearts of the audience present.

Pascal Mangold gives lecture

Pascal Mangold gives lecture