Mangold Collector’s Item

Get your own Mangold Collector’s Item – The wise Owl

Owls are considered a symbol for knowledge and wisdom in various regions around the world. What could represent the field of activity at Mangold International better than an Owl – our new “Collector’s Item”?

In ancient Greece the Owl was already renowned as the bird of wisdom chosen by the goddess Athena, the protector of the capital Athens and the goddess of wisdom.

“Wise as an owl” many schools, universities and libraries have chosen this bird as a logo or special emblem. Who would Harry Potter be without his owl Hedwig?

Visit us at our Booth on one of the following Conferences. Maybe you too snatch one of these limited collector’s items!

31.07. – 03.08.2013 CogSci, Berlin, DE

04.08. – 08.08.2013 BEHAVIOUR, Newcastle, UK

27.08. – 31.08.2013 EARLI, Munich, DE

03.09. – 07.09.2013 ECDP, Lausanne, CH

08.09. – 11.09.2013 Mensch & Computer, Bremen, DE

02.10. – 06.10.2013 SPR, Florenz, IT

We would be honored to welcome you at our booth!