Mangold is now certified for Public Tenders

The Mangold International GmbH receives Certificate of Pre-Qualification for Public Tenders

The challenge in bidding for Tenders is always the complete and timely submission of all required individual proof – from certificate of registration on tax documents to insurance documents. These forms show the company’s solvency, reliability and performance. The company must constantly request these documents from authorities, administrative offices and other institutions because this evidence should not exceed two months.

To facilitate this, the companies can now be officially certified. The certification center in Bavaria, the “Auftragsberatungszentrum Bayern e.V.”,  issues a certification that overrides all references in future Tenders after successful verification. The contracting authority then recognizes they can trust this certified company.

Mangold International has undergone this examination and has earned the proof of certification. Now we are certified according to PQ-VOL. We are especially proud because it shows that we are a reliable and trustworthy company.