Mangold officially certified as a "Trustworthy, Solvent and Reliable Company"

Mangold International is certified by the Chamber of Commerce under Public Procurement Regulations

Mangold International annually certified by the Chamber of Commerce as a "Trustworthy, Solvent and Reliable Company" 

Invitations to tender require the complete and timely submission of all necessary individual proofs - from excerpts from the commercial register to tax documents and proofs of insurance.

In this way, the companies document their solvency, reliability and performance. As these documents must not be older than two months, they must constantly be requested from authorities, agencies or other institutions.

To simplify this, companies can have themselves certified by a prequalification body. After a successful audit, the certification body issues a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, which replaces all individual certificates in tenders. Public clients thus know that they can trust this contractor.

Mangold International GmbH undergoes this examination annually and receives the coveted certificate every year. This means that Mangold International is officially certified by the Chamber of Commerce as a "trustworthy, solvent and reliable company".

Please feel free to request the current certificate.

PVQL Zertifikat