Mangold Support – not only troubleshooting

Our satisfied customers can agree that the Mangold Support is phenomenal, as demonstrated in the following response to a successfully solved support issue

„I can only say: WOW! Thank you so much for your effort and advice. You have helped me a lot. It’s great that you have invested so much time for my problem!”
Uschi Freisler, University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna.

The staff of Mangold International is very pleased by this – particularly the support staff.
We are internationally renowned for providing simple, direct and rapid service through our dedicated Online Support System.

Our support is much more than just technical assistance. The Mangold staff can offer scientific support due to many years of experience and qualifications. This is welcomed by customers, e.g. with questions about the project design or the coding scheme. Also general and specific analysis questions will be answered, e.g. how to compare automatically logged data with manually coded data.


Suggestions and feature requests resulting from customer support are continuously implemented in our products. This guarantees that the latest advancements in research and technology are integrated in a timely manner.