Eye Tracking and Brain Research Combined

Eye Tracking and EEG analysis systems are common today with a wide variety of devices and services.  Until now, combining the two and syncing the data could only be accomplished at great expense.

The Mangold Vision System has solved some of the basic problems with combing Eye Tracking and EEG:

1) SYNCHRONIZED DATA.  Combining Eye Tracking and EEG data is meaningful only when the researcher is able to match EEG signals with the presented stimulus within the Eye Tracking data.  Without synchronizing, both recorded data sets will stay forever independent, unveiling only a portion of their true meaning.

2) SYNCHRONIZED DATA PLAYBACK.  Maximum information can be gleaned from playing back both data sources simultaneously, enabling the researcher to draw conclusions from user behavior, gaze patterns and EEG brain waves.


The MangoldVision system can read files through the new DataView add-on, from internationally standardized EDF and BDF data files.  This format is supported by almost every professional EEG device worldwide.

With the new MangoldVision System you can easily combine neurophysiological studies and Eye Tracking.

This opens up a whole new field of possibilities.  From the advertising effectiveness research in neuro-marketing, to medical and psychological brain research -- the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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