Students are fascinated by Eye Tracking

From Behavior Observation to IT - A Presentation of Pascal Mangold at the Unternehmergymnasium Bayern

The „Unternehmergymnasium Bayern“ was founded in 2005 and is integrated into the Gymnasium Pfarrkirchen which is a math-science and modern-language grammar school with approx. 1,100 students. Besides the basic school subjects the students in grades 10 to 13 are educated in entrepreneurship. They develop detailed business plans and learn all the ins and outs of good entrepreneurship skills. They also deal with themes such as marketing, taxes, business law, leadership qualities and financial basics. Many students discover their own company even during this time.

This also includes intensive contacts with regional entrepreneurs. Regular company visits or discussions with managers are offered – a great boost in motivation for the future young entrepreneurs. Pascal Mangold, founder of Mangold International, described his personal career and how his company had developed over the last 20 years to a worldwide operating market leader for scientific observation labs.

Philipp Fröbel: “The presentation was very interesting. The Eye Tracker was the best part. I heard about Eye Tracking but I never saw it before. I was unaware that Eye Tracking Studies are part of product development today.”

Simon Lang: “I also liked the Eye Tracker best of all. For a company it is important to check if the website or the advertising really works for the customer. Also, I found it remarkable that Mangold is working worldwide.”

Mangold International provides the professional eye tracking research software, MangoldVision. This software combines a comprehensive tool for test design and gaze recording with analyzing and visualizing all recorded eye tracking data – all in a single solution.