What INTERACT Users say

Satisfied Mangold INTERACT clients from Asia

We received two great feedback messages from our INTERACT users in the Asian region today.

Prof. Hung-Wei Lee of Hsuan Chuang University in Taipeh, the beautiful capital of Taiwan, gives praise to our software INTERACT: „To our psychology /neuroscience laboratory with various research interests, INTERACT is the best choice for us to solve the problem of multi-channel synchronization and explore the complicated  relationships between psychological and physiological responses in topics of research such as user experience(UX), applied cognition, and sports science.”
Again, it becomes clear how wide the possible applications of INTERACT are. The University of Taiwan utilizes their lab for varios research purposes.



From China, the information is retrieved from Dr. Ge Yan of Shanghai Jiaotong University: „The INTERACT is a useful and user-friendly tool for us, and for all who are interested in refining their technologies to understand human behaviors.”


We are pleased that the user-friendliness of our products is well praised – this is of great importance to us.


We always welcome feedback from our customers!